Trusted combination of experience and drive

Manpower is our trump card.

The ORDAT team is a successful blend of long-term experience – many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years – and young, fresh energy. The constant exchange between new ideas and the knowledge of experience keeps us on our toes, and guarantees you receive the best possible solution for your everyday production work.

ORDAT’s developers and consultants possess substantial industry and process knowledge. A healthy, open team spirit ensures our employees stay satisfied in their work, and can contribute all of their energy to helping you achieve success.

Training, education, study

Each one of our employees receives the best possible training, and participates in ongoing continuing education. ORDAT is an award-winning training organization with a long history of experience, and we have been training employees since 1970. As an ORDAT customer, you will benefit from the highest level of professional competence.

We are also a partner in Microsoft’s “IT Specialists” program (“Fachkräfte für IT” (FIT)). In academic contexts, ORDAT has been supporting the dual studies program at the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen (Studium Plus) for many years, where we advise students on an ongoing basis.

Our ORDAT-Team


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