You and ORDAT
You and ORDAT

The ORDAT perspective

Work and life should be in balance. Work should always be about more than just earning money.

Working at ORDAT means experiencing a corporate culture shaped by open dialog, common goals, and supportive collaboration, every day.

We are all pulling together, and we value personal initiative and support one another. In every challenge we face, we focus on our personal strengths and successes.

We trust one another, sharing a big portion of our lives together. These are strengths many of us have come to treasure. These are the perspectives we want to expand upon even further.


A motivated team

At ORDAT, we know we can only achieve our goals if we work together, and we know that the personal talents of each individual make an important contribution. No matter whether they work as developers, project managers, or consultants. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together – for our common success.

Important values at ORDAT include:

  • Fairness and respect
  • Performance-oriented and appreciative environment
  • Room for autonomous action
  • Regular exchange of information and open communication
  • Helpfulness

A good perspective

If you stay in one place too long, you’ll always be unsatisfied. That’s why you’ll always face new challenges and new tasks at ORDAT – tasks that help us grow together and develop our skills, tasks for which we
provide our employees ongoing professional qualification.

We don’t just train, we train for the future. We recognize strengths, encourage potential, and give employees space to grow their talents.

We support and promote our employees through:

  • Attractive development prospects within the company
  • Ongoing, position-based continued training options
  • Internal education, at the employee’s work place and directly associated with their everyday work
  • Training and education in parallel with work,
  • Study in parallel with work

A reliable compass

Everyone should know where they stand and what direction they can go. That’s why we hold regular coaching and feedback discussions, helping each employee understand their individual potential and concrete
development options. We consider successes, identify successes, and collaborate to determine developmental goals and measures together.

Regular and structured feedback discussions provide an opportunity:

  • To discuss and present an employee’s own work performance
  • To recognize strengths and weaknesses
  • To agree on personal goals
  • To develop common perspectives
  • To express expectations and requests

Interesting, challenging work

ORDAT employees work on high-quality, innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 and for modern customer relationship management. They are also committed to fostering long-term customer relationships.

Our working environment changes quickly, always confronting us with new challenges. That’s why we’re proud of all we’ve achieved – even though we’re never satisfied. Each employee focuses on new solutions and works consistently to reach new goals.

We value this commitment.

ORDAT Mitarbeiter arbeiten an hochqualitativen, innovativen Lösungen für die Industrie 4.0 und für ein modernes Kundenbeziehungsmanagement. Und sie engagieren sich für langfristige Kundenbeziehungen.

Unser Arbeitsfeld ändert sich schnell und stellt uns immer wieder vor neue Herausforderungen. Darum freuen wir uns über alles, was wir erreicht haben – aber wir geben uns nicht damit zufrieden. Jeder Mitarbeiter setzt sich für neue Lösungen ein und engagiert sich kontinuierlich für neue Ziele.

Das wissen wir zu schätzen.

Fair pay

Fair wages are the expression of our appreciation for our employees’ commitment and performance.

Some of the benefits we offer

  • performance-based compensation oriented around an appropriate fixed salary
  • Compensation for Riester pension scheme

Modern working environment

At ORDAT, we share a lot – just not our work stations. Everyone has their own work space. We’re convinced that individual work processes, habits, and physiognomies are best supported by a personal work environment.

  • Modern workstations, not shared desks
  • Ergonomic, back-friendly chairs
  • Two display screens
  • Occupational medical support in setting up one’s own work station ergonomically


Work should be healthy. That’s why we take measures to ensure everyone stays in good health. For instance, we provide professional medical support.

  • Occupational medicine exams and employee consulting
  • Opthalmologic exams
  • Open consultation hours and multiple check-ups by our company doctor
  • Company measures to preserve employee health, such as specialized glasses for working with computer screens

An attractive location

Gießen is a dynamic college town with tradition and modern infrastructure, and a great place to live. Whether you’re in a family, or a single individual. And if you’ve never been to the Mittelhessen region, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate the open, laid-back way of life its residents enjoy. ORDAT is easily accessible from anywhere in the city or the region.

Employees reach the office quickly, by personal vehicle or public transportation.

  • Close to the Autobahn
  • Plenty of parking
  • Good city bus connections

Eine gesunde Balance von Arbeit und Privatleben

Wenn einer allein auf der Wippe sitzt, klappt´s nicht. Es braucht ein etwa gleichgroßes Gegengewicht auf der anderen Seite, damit es funktioniert und Spaß macht.
Ebenso ausgewogen sollten Arbeit und Leben sein, damit wir auf Dauer zufrieden sind. Auch dann, wenn sich die private Situation ändert. Wenn zum Beispiel die Familie wächst.

Darum gibt es bei ORDAT flexible Arbeitszeiten. Und mehr als das:

  • Jeder entscheidet selbst, wann sein Tag im Büro startet oder seine Mittagspause beginnt.
  • Wir halten unsere Terminplanung flexibel, damit auch für wichtige private Termine Platz bleibt.
  • Jeder hat die Möglichkeit, im Home Office zu arbeiten – dann, wenn es praktikabel und sinnvoll ist.
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