Finance & Controlling
Finance & Controlling

Finance & Controlling

Control and optimize value flows

Markets are constantly changing, and change is happening more quickly than ever before. Changing requirements and new business opportunities require finance & controlling systems that are as reliable as they are powerful. To manage production in a cost-effective manner and optimize value flows, companies need to constantly keep an eye on all internal expenses.

ORDAT offers you comprehensive solutions for analyzing and controlling all of the business processes in your company – from  financial accounting to controlling and asset accounting as well. With daily, up-to-date reports and evaluations, you will have a complete overview for making reliable forecasts and controlling the value flows in all areas of your company, at all times.

The experts at ORDAT offer extensive, practical experience in all aspects of financial accounting and controlling. We can support you effectively in implementing and maintaining a finance & controlling system customized specifically for your company. We always keep an eye on current national and international regulations and standards, and we are available to help you implement country-specific special features.

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The devil is often in the details – not with us

Your up-to-date accounting can be efficiently and safely completed with our systems. Our solutions for finance & controlling will enable you to make significant reports and analyses through seamless integration with all relevant ERP functionalities.

Thus, you will receive a reliable management tool for the prognosis of the development of the company and as a basis of information for necessary control measures.

  • Continuous workflow

A complete integration of the purchasing, sales, storage, production, wage/salary, cost accounting and travel costs areas makes all financial value flows transparent. Furthermore, without duplicate data entryyou save time and costs.

  • Safe cash forecasts at the push of a button

Significant evaluations give you an up-to-date status of your liquidity for any period. Reliable liquidity management will warn you of bottlenecks in good time. Thus, you have enough time to take counteractive measures.

  • Compliance: other countries, other laws

All invoice-related functions are integrated in our systems and meet the country-specific requirements and principles of statutory obligations according to GAAP and IFRS. Further developments, for instance, due to legal changes, e.g., annual taxonomy changes for the e-balance sheet and much more, are automatically provided. In doing so, you can be sure that the legal requirements are met.

  • Cashflow management

Detailed receivables analyses bring security to your receivables management.
Thus, you reduce cash losses and liquidity problems. In doing so, you receive a verifiable basis for argumentation e.g., towards credit institutes.

  • Evaluation in real-time

The automated booking – incl. dialogue booking – with immediate updating of the account balances saves time, reduces errors and enables real-time evaluation.

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Your key for the success of the company

Reliable figures form the basis of each company management decision. For cost accounting, our systems access all cost accounting-related data of your ERP system. In doing so, controlling can focus on their actual task, the evaluation of operating results.

  • All figures always at the forefront

You always maintain an overview of where and for what reason costs and revenues occur – a good basis to forecast strategic targets and to budget.

  • Continuous workflow

As a result of this direct access to all cost accounting-related data of your ERP system, all processes in the company are efficiently combined with one another. This guarantees an up-to-date overview of the productivity and cost efficiency and allows for reliable optimisation.

  • Multiple client capability

A large number of companies can be pictured individually, whereby it is possible to represent information, e.g., cost centres, for individual clients or to consolidate cross-client data according to their individual requirements and to obtain different information about the operating results, products, etc.

  • Timely recognition of risks and potentials

What are the fundamental cost factors with regard to products and services in your company? Compare your actual costs with planned costs to make optimal, cost-oriented business decisions.

  • Transparent, reliable reports

Current figures from the different relevant divisions enable an automatic creation of meaningful reports. Thus, you save time and benefit from consistent information.

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Asset accounting

Comfortable and fully integrated

Our solutions for asset accounting enable you to simultaneously manage fixed assets under fiscal, commercial, calculated, fire insurance-technical and corporate law aspects. Multi-client capable functionalities offer company-specific, freely definable and selectable depreciation methods and consider all conditions of the income tax law.

  • Complete integration

All receipts from financial accounting can be directly processed in asset accounting. In doing so, you save time and avoid possible errors of manual data capture.

  • All current depreciation methods

The freely definable types of depreciation enable the selection of depreciation methods that are the most meaningful for your company and the most favourable depreciation periods.

  • Evaluations according to German and international law

Manage and administer your capital goods parallel by taking into account the legal requirements of different countries. All current evaluation processes are supported, even those according to German commercial and tax law as well as those according to the international provisions IFRS and IS-GAAP as well as the particularities of various other EU states.

  • Safe basis for decision

Our solutions are efficient analysis tools, which you can use to flexibly and safely plan your new investments.

  • Individual evaluations

There are comprehensive pre-defined and adjustable evaluation functions available. Furthermore, significant lists deliver a reliable basis for the valuation of the insurance premium. In doing so, you avoid over and under insurances.

  • Comfortably manage system via an app

All systems provided with a bar code can be scanned using, e.g., a smart phone. An automatic transfer of data to asset accounting saves the time-consuming and defective manual entry.

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Project settlement

Successfully manage projects

In order to successfully manage a project, it is no longer enough to cast a timeline on the wall and measure the success of the project using milestones.

Our project management solution supports your project managers during planning, execution and control of short-term and long-term, internal and external projects. All incurred costs (hours, materials, expenditures) and sales are directly coupled with financial accounting and always provides a transparent overview of the current project status.

  • Project management

Planning, creation, management, control and completion of projects – different types of projects Expense projects, fixed price projects, internal projects, time-based projects etc.

  • Always the latest overview

Numerous meaningful reports and analysis tools always give you an up-to-date overview of the project from different perspectives. In doing so, during on-going and planned projects, you will be able to recognise bottlenecks even before they occur.

  • Safe project budgeting

With our solution, you can safely monitor the project income and your expenses in order to make the best, cost-oriented business decisions. Compare your actual costs with planned costs and re-allocate your funds and resources to achieve your budget targets.

  • Precise project time recording and settlement

You can record your project times and project costs quickly and precisely and arrange them accurately. Via the enterprise portal, all project employees have the possibility of entering the working hours and travel expense reports and have them approved.

  • More productivity

New projects can be created and set-up quickly and easily by using templates from previous projects. All necessary data for this purpose, is obtained from the central database.

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