Breadth of services
Breadth of services

Breadth of services

ORDAT has been offering services related to ERP for over 40 years. Based on our comprehensive experience in software development, systems introduction and integration, as well as our deep process knowledge, we have created a custom-tailored solution that supports customers in almost all matters related to production controlling.

ORDAT supports its customers in utilizing the opportunities offered by their installed ERP system in an optimized manner. There may be significant room for improvement in system usage, for instance if the system was introduced several years ago, and if business processes have changed since that time without these changes being optimally implemented within the ERP system itself.

The potential analysis is based on a systematic, structured working method that takes into account all relevant aspects. The collected data indicates starting points for making improvements to the corporate organization, covering training deficits, or creating a solid basis for the future ERP strategy.

At completion, our customers will receive a comprehensive report with customized recommendations for action.

Objective of the ERP Potential Analysis

  • Structured analysis and evaluation of the installed ERP support
  • Revealing missdevelopments/unprofitable investments into „isolated applications“
  • Transparency in regards to the installed FOSS solution
  • Enhancing the use of the ERP system FOSS
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Derivation of organizational and IT-technical improvement measures
  • Anchoring of a continuous improvement process
  • Basis for sustainable ERP strategy
  • Improving the data quality
  • Increasing the user qualification as well as their motivation

For our customers, employee knowledge is a key factor in their competitive positioning.
This is why ORDAT offers a modular training and educational concept for a variety of user groups and qualification levels.

ORDAT’s training combines content, infrastructure, and educational solutions, offering a great depth and breadth of training, even for specialized requirements. Our customers’ employees benefit from systematic educational offerings oriented towards their practical needs on various key topics – and from the knowledge of experienced trainers.
If desired, ORDAT can also design customized training concepts.

Tutorials, webcasts, user tips

ORDAT provides its customers with video tutorials  on frequently asked questions and to inform them on important user tips. The newsletter also offers regular tips and tricks for everyday work. Webcasts have proven a useful informational medium, especially for explaining relevant legal changes.

If available options for setting the parameters of the standard ERP system are not sufficient to cover specific business processes or individual customer requirements, ORDAT can provide software expansions with powerful development tools.

As per our corporate philosophy, customer-specific developments are completed under consistent adherence to our best practice guidelines. This allows us to design individual components ready for release.

Besides their technological know-how, our software engineers possess comprehensive, operational and industry-specific specialist knowledge. They are in close contact with our customers, working together with them to develop the required concepts and solutions.

Even after they have successfully installed an ERP system, ORDAT supports its customers with help and guidance.
Our support team’s high level of competence and service is regularly recognized in customer surveys and studies. Two different service portals are available to our customers.

ORDAT Supportportal

In the password-protected area there are not only release documentations available for download, but you can also read more about current changes in the law and their effects on business transactions.
News about optimizations and extensions in the single subsystems, problem solutions about the FOSS Information Server (FIS) or lectures and pics of user forums – with only a few clicks the users are up-to-date with the development and learn of reasonable, company-specific solutions of other ORDAT customers.

ORDAT Ticket Portal

In the Ticket Portal ORDAT customers can enter support requests (tickets) and track their status. In doing so, a faster processing of the tickets as well as an increased transparency is enabled for our customers.

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