IT services
IT services


High availability and maximum requirements

IT system landscapes are becoming ever more complex and more heterogeneous. ORDAT understands the entire tech stack, and the complex interactions between operating systems, databases, and applications.

Our many years of experience in systems integration and configuration allows us to offer a highly available, performant, and almost fail-proof system set up with perfectly coordinated components. If anything goes wrong, we can reduce downtimes or data losses to a minimum.

We complete performance analyses and implement effective measures to fine-tune performance and improve your system, in order to maintain its performance capabilities.

If desired, we can also implement and configure your ERP system on a virtualplatform, to effectively combine or separate system resources, increasing the performance of your system. We take into account the environment of the virtual machine, such as the VM server or the storage solution.

Benefit from our competence and experience!

High availability and quick solution

In times of increasingly shorter supply chains, it is extremely important that your ERP system is available 24 hours a day, if necessary.

We work together with you to analyse your demand, submit proposals and implement them. In our company, developers, consultants and system engineers all work hand in hand. And if something does go wrong with your system, we will usually be able to solve the problem on short notice, thanks to our diverse expertise and our extensive database knowledge.

  • Reducing the downtime to a minimum
  • Minimising data losses in the event of damage
  • Reflection of the ERP solution incl. database on remote locations
  • Inspection and testing of the HA/disaster solution every six months
  • Tailored to your budget

Performance tuning

Over time, virtually each ERP system will become slower and more sluggish. If the complaints of the users start to increase, it is times for a systematic performance analysis to determine the system brakes. ORDAT analyses your system, develops and implements effective measures, in coordination with you, for performance tuning and system improvement.

You return to:

  • a high-performance ERP operation
  • significantly improvement response time behaviour
  • satisfied users
  • current software system components


Falling costs for hardware and more efficient software makes virtualisation an attractive technique to concentrate or distribute system resources and increase the performance.

ORDAT will advise you, if you plan a virtualisation. Upon request, we implement and configure your ERP system on to a virtualised platform. In the process, it is not only the virtual machine that is taken into account but also the environment, e.g., the VM service or the storage solution.

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