Lower costs, increase supplier capabilities and flexibility

Manufacturing companies face the daily challenge of improving their performance in relation to traditional benchmarks like costs, time to market, product quality and  inventory optimization.

No matter how your manufacturing process is structured – whether discrete or process-oriented, individual or mass production – ORDAT knows the challenges and conditions you face from our experience with a large number of manufacturing projects. You will receive a customized solution to perfect your processes – with functions perfectly tailored towards your company’s size, industry, production type, and other characteristics. Business intelligence is another key component, providing you a real time overview of all relevant manufacturing data at all times.

Thanks to our industry and process understanding, we can support you effectively in lowering manufacturing costs and improving your supplier capabilities and flexibility on an ongoing basis. We keep the numerous rules and regulations that apply to your various manufacturing scenarios in mind. And the future? Whether you’re facing Industry 4.0, a changing supply chain, or new product features – we can help you find a path between expensive hype and smart innovation.

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Navigating accurately

Irrespective of your production process, whether discreet or process-oriented, whether single-item or series production, ORDAT offers an extensive functional offer, which can be individually cut to suit the customer’s wish depending on customer size, sector, production type and other particularities.

  • No production bottlenecks

Resource managements not only takes machines and operating materials into account but also includes staff capacities and qualifications. Production bottlenecks are avoided when capacity planning includes all relevant aspects.

  • Reliable calculation

Irrespective of your production process, comprehensive types of calculation are available for stock valuation, efficiency control or budgeting. Our solutions offer different, freely configurable calculation schemata such as a preparatory, simultaneous and subsequent calculation. Cross-client manufacturing processes can be calculated using a clear, transparent corporate cost calculation.

  • Improved production control

The fully automated control of the production process reduces your planning effort to a minimum. Resulting production costs are automatically distributed to all materials incurred in the production process and settled. The additional work processes in the production process are considered in a timely manner.

  • Reduction of storage costs

Per supplier KANBAN you can very easily outsource your warehouse and thus, save space and costs. In doing so, your delivery schedules are automated and sent directly to the forwarding company that stores your materials.

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Graphic planning board

Planning is everything!

A good overview is decisive for effective planning. The ORDAT planning board offers users in production a quick overview of the machine capacities and personnel resources. If it has to do with visualising or controling your production, the planning board with its modular structure is the ideal tool for numerous application areas.

  • No capacity bottlenecks

With the ORDAT planning board you can clearly display the business order data on several monitors. In this manner, even the most complex connections can be presented in a clear and vivid manner. Possible missed deadlines or capacity bottlenecks are recognised in good time and avoided.

  • Maximum overview

Business orders and work processes are graphically displayed on a timeline. All the information that is available on a process in the ERP system, can be easily and clearly displayed in tables. Thus, you maintain maximum overview.

  • Optimal capacity utilisation

With the direct graphic capacity planning, you are able to implement your resources evenly and use them optimally. All work processes can be rescheduled and deferred to other capacities. The interactive planning takes place via simple drag & drop, changes are directly transferred to the production orders.

  • Individual adjustment

The configuration editor makes it possible to adjust the planning board to individual requirements at any time in a quick and easy manner.


No need for shortages and bottlenecks

In order to satisfy the requirements of production, our rescheduling software offers diverse demand assessment methods that can be used at the same time. A comfortable, flexible demand planning according to quantity and deadline helps prevent bottlenecks and shortages.

Thus, your users have the option of effectively fulfilling the planning requirements according to the respectively defined scheduling procedure and to realise short processing times, high reliability and low stocks.

  • All data at a glance

What must I deliver? What must I order? What do I have in stock? With our software, you will always have a current overview of stocks and planned movements; alternatively in summary structure or by the day or week as well as separately according to cause or origin.

  • High planning reliability

Our solution makes it possible to recognise anticipated bottlenecks of complete components with a single glance on the timeline. Thus, production means and capacities can be implemented optimally.

  • Dispo-Cockpit

The Dispo-Cockpit analyses all scheduling-relevant data, e.g., fluctuations and future behaviour of the items. Based on this, the system automatically suggests which scheduling process is useful for which product. In doing so, you can save time and reduce costs.

  • Low stock

You can create procurement suggestions from demands and thus, select the fastest and most cost-efficient supplier. Even the creation of planning and production orders for parts produced in-house or stock transfer proposals for multiple-plant organisation.

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Warehouse / LVS

Correct storage – save costs

Modern warehouse management is faced by the challenge of reducing stock and simultaneously ensuring complete delivery capacity and maximum service level.

Therefore, to exclude bottlenecks, material flows must always be transparent and seamlessly traceable. For this purpose, a modern, adjustable warehouse management and control system provided with optimisation functions is indispensible.

  • Seamless integration

Our warehouse management system offers you seamless integration of your warehouse management into the internal logistics, including the activation of storage and conveyor technology. Even the sales, purchasing, production and sales business processes can be connected smoothly.

  • Customisable

Irrespective of how your warehouse is structured, e.g., a high bay warehouse, automatic small parts warehouse, live storage or paternoster. Our warehouse management system offers a comprehensive, individually adjustable function - depending on customer size, sector, etc.

  • Avoid bottlenecks

A constantly updated overview of all stocks and stock movements (incoming goods, outgoing goods and rebooking) provides transparency in your material flow and makes it completely comprehensible. This is how bottlenecks can be excluded.

  • Reducing storage costs

Redistribution proposals will support you with the optimisation of your stock and help prevent surplus materials. In order for you make quick and safe decisions that will reduce your storage costs.

  • Location-dependent online access to the ERP system

Stocks and storages areas can be scanned independent of the terminal. Furthermore, target and actual stocks at the storage area can be compared with the ERP system online. Bookings in the areas of sale and incoming goods are possible just as efficiently and promptly.

  • Irrespective of manufacturer, platform and technology

The modern software architecture of our solution enables a use that is independent of hardware, operating system and database system. For you this means: Manufacturer independence with regard to the ERP system and the conveyor technology.

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Maintenance management

Avoiding failures

Failure of machines and systems as a result of damage can disorganise the manufacturing schedule as well as maintenance and inspection intervals. In case of high workload, something like this can quickly lead to delivery difficulties. Our maintenance solution will support you with the implementation of the perfect maintenance strategy and will help avoid delivery bottlenecks.

  • Avoid production bottlenecks

The integrated creation and management of extensive maintenance strategies will guarantee seamless transparency in the production-planning process.

  • Maximum availability of machines

Create a current overview of the maximum available machines: In doing so, possible production failures can be recognised in advance and immediate corrective measures can be introduced. You save substantial costs and can quickly and effectively optimise the use of resources and personnel.

  • Management for the machinery

When is it worth buying a new machine instead of servicing an old one? With our solution, you analyse the maintenance costs of the past years. In doing so, the failure statistics will help you make important decisions on the life-cycle of the machines.

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