Supply chain management
Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Effectively control complex supply chains

Constant supplier availability with growing product diversity are important factors for success in international competition. All of this is combined with production that both takes into account individual customer requirements and is optimized in terms of both resources and costs.

A forward-thinking supply chain management (SCM) system is a must for companies that need to be able to provide products in agreed quantities and qualities according to a deadline. The system must encompass all customers and suppliers involved in the supply chain and precisely map their network of relationships. Thanks to our experience with complex supply chains, and thanks to our industry knowledge, we know how to design your supply chain transparently and control it effectively, thereby securing a competitive advantage and lowering your costs.

ORDAT’s comprehensive outlook on your supply chain allows you to specifically integrate all relevant operational key performance indicators, providing the foundation for effectively planning all of your production processes.

Based on our SCM software, our experts can develop customized solutions for successful supply chain management, and will advise your company even after the introduction on all changes that come up. ORDAT always has an eye on current trends, keeping you up to date on new solutions that could make sense for your company.

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Profit lies in purchasing

The significance of the purchase is often underestimated. Often, its individual areas are viewed independently and not has a continuous data flow from the inquiry to the audit. Possible consequences are delays and inaccuracies such as work overloads or over-staffing in the individual fields of activity.

ORDAT views all aspects of purchasing as a unit and as strategic components of the company because a one percent saving in purchasing can increase the corporate profile by up to ten percent. A one percent growth in sales however, only results in 0.1 percent increased profit.

  • Avoiding input errors

Through the integration of scanners and conveyor technology, you receive a completely automated incoming goods management. The goods are booked into the system by means of a simple scanning process, which saves both time and costs. Even the potential errors caused by manual inputs are avoided.

  • No production bottlenecks

Our automatic order generation from demands prevents production bottlenecks.
This not only increases you failure safety but also saves you time.

  • Large amounts of data - minimal effort

The incoming goods booking and the processing of necessary documents are carried out in digital form in the requested formats. A time-consuming processing on paper is not applicable. This also results in a shortening of, e.g., your response times with regard to a customer’s changing demands.

  • Price transparency

Transparent structure of price and supplier quality from one central source.
In doing so, you receive an improvement of supplier management.

  • Automated provision-workflow

All production steps involved in the process are displayed in one work process. Thus, you can always obtain a complete overview of the goods status, work processes and stocks.

  • Approval processes with one click

The approval process for orders can now be completed online with a single mouse click. You save a lot of work and waiting times.

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Planned well - sold successfully

The sale is a complex process with several subareas. If these areas are treated independently from one another, it could result in delivery delays, quality defects, damage to reputation and unsatisfied customers.

Our solution handles all processes of a sales process as a consistent data flow. Thus, standard processes – from the offer to invoice processing and returns management – can be processed effectively and accurately represented. Furthermore, precise adjustments to the individual requirements of your company are possible.

  • Correct quantity, right time

You can always deliver the correct quantities at the right time with a comfortable blanket order processing and the possibility of calculating goods in temporary storage on the go.

  • Fully integrated planning

The integrated sales and production planning offers a significant data base as well as a seamless workflow within the overall supply chain. This significantly minimises your planning effort.

  • Avoid delivery fluctuations

Graphic analyses make it possible for you to assess delivery schedules over freely selectable periods of time and in doing so, you will be able to recognise delivery bottlenecks in good time and initiate measures on time.

  • Complaint and returns management

Error and verification codes can be stored in the system and for this reason, automatic credit notes and stock entries are generated.

  • Managing complex association structures

The integrated representation of complex association structures can guarantee an effective, efficient business process management – including a comprehensive design of the individual locations.

  • Delivery supervision

A freely definable range of banned goods prevents the order entry of blocked items. Per optional connection to a sanction-list monitor, e.g., it is also possible to prevent the export of prohibited goods to specific countries.

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Faster, safer data transfer

Our in-house developed EDI monitor enables professional, paperless communication of business transactions with standardised messages. The system is seamlessly integrated and offers automated data exchange of incoming and outgoing message.

  • Fully integrated

EDI systems are often bought in addition and connected to the ERP system via interface. This results in increased maintenance and cost expenditure. With our EDI monitor, you receive a fully integrated solution. The data is directly integrated into the business processes and also issued from such processes, if necessary. The data exchange is automated and does not present the user with any special requirements during normal operation.

  • Time saving

The EDI monitor makes it possible for you to convert business data such as orders, delivery notes, invoices and CAD data from the ERP system into structured and standardised data and send them electronically in a matter of seconds. You save a lot of time through this paperless exchange of documents.

  • Fewer errors, more safety

The automatic, electronic data exchange between you and your business partners prevents errors, which could occur with manual entry.

  • Always up-to-date

Due to our active membership in the VDA, ITA, Bitkom bodies etc. we are always up-to-date. Thus, you can be sure that your EDI solution always corresponds to the current and international EDI message standard, e.g., CDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT or ANSI.

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More efficient, more effectiveness

The success of a CRM system in a company mainly depends on the acceptance of the employees. The user-friendly interface and simple operation via keyboard, mouse or touch ensures that the user will get familiar with the CRM system very quickly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 makes a good impression through a high degree of user-friendliness, more flexibility regardless of location, end device and browser and comprehensive evaluation possibilities.

  • Easy navigation and intuitive operation

A clear user interface with the familiar Windows tile view and the simple, device-optimised operation via keyboard, mouse or touch make it possible for you to work intuitively.

  • Everything in view

With our CRM solution, you will have all essential information at a glance. Everything you need is available at a central location and enables effective working.

  • Permanent availability

You will receive mobile access to different mobile end devices, in online and offline mode, regardless of location and browser. Thus, you will always have extensive customer information, which you can use to work productively en route.

  • Maximum transparency

A picture says more than a 1000 words: With individually configurable dash boards, visualisations of complex evaluations in real time, you receive a maximum transparency of the most important KPIs.

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