ORDAT.ERP controlling
ORDAT.ERP controlling

Reliable data and figures

With  ORDAT.ERP controlling

Transparent and available company figures

Reliable figures form the basis of each company management decision. This program accesses all cost accounting data of your ERP system, from Purchasing, Production, Warehouse, Payroll, Asset Accounting to Sales. In doing so, controlling can focus on their actual task of evaluating operating results.

The benefits at a glance

All figures always at the forefront
You always maintain an overview of where and for what reason costs and revenues occur – a good basis to forecast strategic targets and to budget.

Continuous workflow
As a result of this direct access to all cost accounting-related data of your ERP system, all processes in the company are efficiently combined with one another. This guarantees an up-to-date overview of the productivity and cost efficiency and allows for reliable optimisation.

Multiple client capability
A large number of companies can be pictured individually, whereby it is possible to represent information, e.g., cost centres, for individual clients or to consolidate cross-client data according to their individual requirements and to obtain different information about the operating results, products, etc.

Timely recognition of risks and potentials
What are the fundamental cost factors with regard to products and services in your company? Compare your actual costs with planned costs to make optimal, cost-oriented business decisions.

Transparent, reliable reports
Current figures from the different relevant divisions enable an automatic creation of meaningful reports. Thus, you save time and benefit from consistent information.

Overview of the features

  • Actual, plan and target cost accounting
  • Summary and analytical planning
  • Internal activity allocation using the stepladder or simulation method
  • Progressive contribution margin accounting
  • Customised information processing and report design
  • Cost control with variance analysis
  • Cost centre accounting
  • Cost-type accounting
  • Cost-unit accounting
  • Microsoft Office integration

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