ORDAT.ERP finance
ORDAT.ERP finance

Convenient financial accounting

With ORDAT.ERP finance

Securely and effectively carry out daily accounting and generate useful reports

ORDAT.ERP finance allows you to conduct your day-to-day accounting with minimal effort. The Finance subsystem provides a number of useful evaluations and works interactively with all other subsystems. You’ll therefore receive a management tool to forecast company development and form a basis for implementing necessary control measures.

ORDAT.ERP finance works interactively with the other FOSS subsystems, e.g. through joint management of customer and supplier master data; by allocating revenue and expense accounts from parts master data; invoice, credit and debit note processing and general ledger accounts, e.g. for monitoring order commitments.


The benefits at a glance

Continuous workflow
A complete integration of the purchasing, sales, storage, production, wage/salary, cost accounting and travel costs areas makes all financial value flows transparent. Furthermore, without duplicate data entryyou save time and costs.

Safe cash forecasts at the push of a button
Significant evaluations give you an up-to-date status of your liquidity for any period. Reliable liquidity management will warn you of bottlenecks in good time. Thus, you have enough time to take counteractive measures.

Compliance: other countries, other laws
All invoice-related functions are integrated in our systems and meet the country-specific requirements and principles of statutory obligations according to GAAP and IFRS. Further developments, for instance, due to legal changes, e.g., annual taxonomy changes for the e-balance sheet and much more, are automatically provided. In doing so, you can be sure that the legal requirements are met.

Cashflow management
Detailed receivables analyses bring security to your receivables management.
Thus, you reduce cash losses and liquidity problems. In doing so, you receive a verifiable basis for argumentation e.g., towards credit institutes.

Evaluation in real-time
The automated booking – incl. dialogue booking – with immediate updating of the account balances saves time, reduces errors and enables real-time evaluation.

Overview of the features

  • Automated booking and/or dialogue entry
  • Variable balance sheet and P+L structure
  • Foreign currency accounting
  • Current balance update for closing postings
  • Turnover tax advance return e.g. conforms to Elster procedure and Finanz-Online
  • Reporting in accordance with HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP; also possible in parallel
  • Receivables management via open or concealed factoring
  • Country-specific features
  • Examiner workstation within the framework of GDPdU; interface to IDEA/Audicon
  • Tax and statistical evaluations
  • Scanning of incoming invoices
  • Electronic banking
  • VDA credit notes

Factoring procedure

  • Receivables management via open or concealed factoring

Travel expenses

  • Travel expenses accounting based on the German wage tax law
  • Multi-client capability
  • Travel requests and approval
  • Driver's logbook
  • Accounting data can be transferred to ORDAT.ERP payroll or ORDAT.ERP finance as desired

Association account

  • Consideration of association memberships on the creditor and debtor side
  • Del credere commissions


  • Export files for closing postings in the DATEV or BMD system
  • Diverse cash management solutions for electronic banking

Reporting/Business intelligence (BI)

  • Electronic reporting annual accounts
  • OLAP evaluation in cubes down to transaction level
  • Flexible reporting schemes with drill-down function
  • Consolidation via scope of consolidation
  • Individual value adjustments
  • Liquidity planning taking into account purchase commitments and incoming orders as well as account balances and clearing accounts and, if applicable, existing bank credit lines

International reporting

  • Additional reporting according to other standards IFRS, US-GAAP and free segmentation


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