Metal industry
Metal industry

ERP for the metals industry

Tailored to the unique requirements of your industry

As a metal-processing company, heavy demands are placed on you due to global overcapacity and high cost pressure. Our industry-specific ERP solutions and market-ready innovations help you efficiently manufacture and ensure process reliability.

Increase your competitiveness

Our high-performance ERP solutions for the metal industry help you successfully respond to tough global competition: These include flexible, forward-looking material procurement using fluctuating metal and exchange rates, efficient use of your resources, flexibility and transparency throughout your logistics processes and effective support when it comes to calculation, controlling and compliance.

ORDAT is your ERP partner with comprehensive industry expertise

ORDAT works closely with numerous medium-sized metalworking businesses, from foundries and refiners to automobile suppliers, and has successfully implemented a number of ERP projects. We understand the challenges and processes of this industry down the last detail. We comprehensively and internally support you and your business with features tailored to the metal industry such as quality assurance, batch tracing and extended workbench.

Our ERP solutions support you in:

  • to plan and control your processes in an integrated way
  • Guaranteeing a high level of product quality and supplier security, and
  • Improving your competitive standing

Your advantages at a glance

Ensure product quality and delivery reliability

With an ERP solution from ORDAT, metal manufacturers can effectively control all of the variables they encounter along their supply and manufacturing chains, communicate more efficiently with suppliers and customers, and use their production and supply capacities in the most optimal manner possible.

Consistent integration of all operational areas – from purchasing, manufacturing, and logistics, to quality management, bookkeeping and cost accounting – ensures smooth cross-departmental communication, guarantees data is always up to date, and reduces maintenance work for your system.

Guarantee product quality and supplier security

ERP solutions from ORDAT support all types of manufacturing, from prototyping and small series to serial production Even the standard versions of our solutions offer industry functions like joint production and recovery, batch administration, or management for recipes, bills of materials, and formulas.

Powerful functions for quality assurance, such as supplier evaluations, real-time monitoring, and documentation for your manufacturing processes, or convenient administration of complaints and returns, ensure maximum process security and the fulfillment of international quality standards. Thanks to optimized processes, interactive detailed production planning, and comprehensive transparency, you will always keep an up-to-date overview of your inventory and capacities, recognizing bottlenecks early on, and ensuring short delivery times and absolute adherence to deadlines.


What our clients say

“Working with ORDAT paid off during the introduction of the new solution; we benefited from having an implementation partner with a high level of operational knowledge and decades of experience in introducing ERP system at our side.”

Karsten Seehafer, Managing Director of Hanomag Lohnhärterei Unternehmensgruppe

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    Specialized ERP functions for the metals industry

    Integrated bookkeeping and invoicing

    Automated integration of bookkeeping and cost accounting into manufacturing and logistics helps you to always stay in the red.

    • Preliminary costing for items with cost elements structured in as much detail as necessary
    • Pre-calculations, ongoing calculations, and follow-up calculations for manufacturing contracts
    • Integrated representation of the entire flow of value and materials
    • Receipt of daily delivery notes from OEMs
    • Automatic credit processing in accordance with VDA
    • Receipt of credit notes and comparison with daily delivery note data
    • Deviations in value and quantity determined using a list of differences

    Loaned materials and container handling

    Your ORDAT solution offers you a thorough tool for container and packaging materials handling, as well as for comprehensive materials planning for containers and rented objects. Users can freely determine which container (warehouse or transport material) will be used, at what fill level, and can, of course, also determine relationships between containers and the items packaged in them, as may be necessary for reasons of product liability, for instance.

    • Sales transactions with recording of leased items, filled or empty container
    • Fully integrated customer- and item-specific price calculations
    • Consideration of bonuses in kind and rent-free periods
    • Rentals based on time or quantities
    • Automatic billing based on freely definable periods, and customer-dependent
    • Consideration of minimum quantities

    Quality assurance and management

    ORDAT solutions offer multiple powerful functions for quality assurance (QA) – from supplier evaluations to real-time process monitoring and convenient administration for complaints and returns. Automatically assigned quality status levels for all goods received help to assess the quality of inventory, for instance to regulate material releases or block operating orders. The solution maps any requested chemical, physical, and technical data, making it easier to precisely document batches and qualities.
    ORDAT supports all key instruments, standards, and processes used in quality management (QM), such as ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). In addition, the open system architecture allows the solution to integrate easily with all QM systems available on the market.

    • Administration of freely selectable QA data, by item or by series / batch
    • Quality status for inventory quality assessments
    • Quality inspections in goods receiving, with goods assigned to a certain warehouse location based on quality level (general, skip lot sampling, or part-dependent)
    • Return shipment processing and complaint information in purchasing, or return processing in sales
    • Generating inspection and QA orders
    • Free formulas for defined target quality
    • Meaningful target / actual comparisons
    • Generating certificates and QA documents

    High-bay warehouse management and controlling

    The powerful warehouse management system by ORDAT allows users to conveniently administer and control high-bay storage with manual operations or automatic conveyor systems.

    • Goods-to-person picking in automatic operation
    • Person-to-goods picking in manual operation
    • Free categorization of shelves 
    • Automatic warehouse location assignment
    • Quantity determination, manually or through integrated weighing systems
    • Freely selectable batch and expiration date assignment.
    • Automatic receipt generation
    • Bar code support


    Consistent series and batch-based inventory management allows you to efficiently manage your deliveries to manufacturers and system suppliers – and thanks to seamless tracing for series and batches, you can successfully defend against unwarranted liability claims.

    • Article-based series / batch structure
    • Where-used list (product liability)
    • Delivery batches designated on external shipping documents
    • Seamless traceability for semi-finished products and raw materials requiring batch handling, all the way to the suppliers
    • Reliable tracing for batches associated with complaints through warehouse locations and production levels to the customer

    Management of recipes, bills of materials, and formulas

    Your ORDAT solution manages recipes and bills of materials in parallel. You are not restricted to using fixed quantities for your recipes, as in bills of materials, but can also work based on percentages. By storing freely definable formulas – for instance, to determine process and work schedules or quantities of components used – you can reliably ensure you achieve a desired level of quality, even when using raw materials of varying quality.

    • Management of recipe components by quantity, weight, or percentage
    • Conversion of percentages into quantity units for inventory management and net requirements calculations
    • Management of exact relationships between mixers, compounds, and fill weight
    • Freely definable formulas, for instance for process times or quantities used, based on libraries of selected chemical, physical, and technical properties
    • Consumption simulation for complete containers and percentages

    Joint production and recovery

    ERP solutions from ORDAT support simultaneous manufacturing for multiple parts, each with their own production order (joint production) – with both fixed yield ratios and ratios varying within set limits. Joint products can be managed in a flexible manner. When alternative components are used, the new yield percentages are calculated easily based on saved formulas. in addition, joint products are taken into account in the percentage of reclaimed materials in calculation and materials planning.

    • Joint production with multipurpose tools
    • Fixed and variable yield ratios
    • Recovery percentages taken into account in calculations and materials planning

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