Our ERP Solutions

We have a deep understanding of many different industries and their business processes.

Our industry competence is no accident. It has grown through the decades, originating from the large number of projects we have completed for our customers over the years. We understand their features, their special characteristics, and their highly specialized market conditions. This is the foundation of our work: we don’t just understand how to optimize processes within companies, but also how to implement even complex projects alongside our customers, step by step.

Goals and challenges

The primary goal of manufacturing companies is always to continually improve their performance in relation to traditional benchmarks like costs, time to market, product quality, and inventory optimization. 

But these companies also need to face the new challenges that result from market trends.  

  • Globalization
  • Subcontracting
  • Increased environmental and social awareness
  • Industry 4.0

In addition, companies face heightened requirements for real time business intelligence. We have to keep all of these issues in mind while developing solutions for our customers.

Our solutions can help you to perfect your processes, lowering costs in manufacturing and along your supply chain, and support you in further improving your supply capabilities and flexibility. In providing these solutions, we always ensure the companies who work with us can effortlessly observe the countless rules and regulations to which they are subject. This is the only way they can stay competitive.

At home and abroad, companies from the automotive industry, metals industry, process industry, plastics manufacturing industry, medical technology, and electronics industry use ORDAT products.

Overview of our industry solutions!

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