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1-5 branches

1-5 branches

Master increasing complexity

Greater flexibility, performance and environmental friendliness Industrial manufacturing needs to continuously adapt to changing customer requirements, regulations and technologies. This means that the complex, interdepartmental – and sometimes cross-site – processes must be effectively managed.


Networking and standardised processes

The solution lies in streamlined processes and fail-safe data that can be quickly exchanged between departments and/or sites. This enables the company to centrally and reliably manage everything. ORDAT networks your processes and ensures seamless, real-time data communication between participants for an optimum overview and greater flexibility and efficiency in all areas.


Standard software: Future-proof, flexible and agile

The magic words here are standard software. This allows fast, easy implementation of an entire range of services and features. The central availability of data reduces the complexity of your processes, makes you and your sites flexible and saves time and money. Local and global compliance regulations are reliably and securely met. ORDAT solutions set the bar for future-oriented data use, decision-making and planning.

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