15+ branches
15+ branches

15+ branches

Remain agile as a global player

Increasingly complex processes and technologies are combined with rapidly changing consumer behaviour and market requirements. Dynamically expanding companies require standardised, flexible and transparent processes in order to act quickly across the globe while integrating the latest strategies at all sites.


Networking as a factor for success: More flexibility, more stability

Flexible ORDAT system solutions standardise your international processes and data, making them centrally available and manageable. Complex processes are digitalised, simplified and effectively handled by the system to create a streamlined operational chain across countries. Maximum transparency and valuable insights allow you to identify optimisation potential and react to dynamic market requirements in an agile manner. As a result, your branches grow into a tight-knit network with optimised value and innovation chains that contribute significantly to the stability of your entire company.


Highly scalable - a solution that evolves with you

ORDAT supports the digital networking of your sites and oversees the infrastructural tasks involved in country-specific adaptation. Our systems are highly scalable so that you can optimally meet requirements and integrated new processes in times of increasing complexity. This creates genuine support for your company in the long term. For successful cluster management, sustainable internationalisation strategies and distribution and production sites that all work as one.


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