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For the specialized requirements of the automotive industry

Automotive suppliers need flexible processes, efficient logistics, and a smooth exchange of information across their entire process chains. Automotive manufacturers pass on the growing pressure to innovate and increase efficiency to their suppliers, continually expecting new products with ever shorter delivery times and lower margins.

Having completed numerous successful projects for automotive suppliers, we understand the challenges of the industry in detail.
ORDAT’s ERP Solutions for Automotive specifically support:

  • quicker reaction times
  • shorter lead times
  • flexible supply chains
  • transparent cost structures
  • company-wide business processes (EDI, collaborative commerce)

Supported by basic analysis and competent advising, ERP solutions from ORDAT support you in materials planning, operational planning, and controlling across your entire supply chain. We offer comprehensive functions for the processes of automotive suppliers and logistics service providers – from EDI communication to just-in-sequence delivery to OEMs with all technical and logistical variations, and even powerful business intelligence functions.

Flexibility, transparency, and security

Benefit from transparency, flexibility, and security through a seamless integration of ERP and EDI. Use powerful analytic tools to add security to your planning and stability to your processes: Delivery schedule analysis, forecasting, or plausibility reviews for requests help you control and accelerate your processes, while ensuring a high level of delivery reliability. Thanks to advanced controlling tools – from advance, ongoing, and post costing to product profitability results – you will be able to recognize cost deviations early on and effectively counteract them.

What our clients say!

“It was worth the effort. Automatically generating operating orders in the system means that we can now finish up planning in two days – this step used to take five to eight work days.”

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    Specialized ERP functions for the automotive

    Container management

    Whether you are working with your own packaging materials, borrowed materials, or customer-specific containers – with ORDAT solutions, you’ll always maintain a good overview.

    • EDI integration
    • Packaging material management, incl. structured administration of customer-specific packaging regulations
    • Automatic dispatching, inventory management, and billing for packaging materials
    • Container inventory management and dispatching
    • Generating a container balance sheet
    • CHEP processing

    EDI communication

    The transaction-controlled EDI monitor OR-EDI equips ERP systems with a powerful communication platform for automated data exchange.

    • Communications standards: VDA, ODETTE, EANCOM, EDIFACT ANSI X.12
    • Send and receive structured e-mails
    • Freely configurable XML communication and WebEDI support
    • Specialized processing, such as AMK/MGO for GM and. Opel and AMES-T by Volkswagen
    • Specialized JIT protocols like FIS-JIT, Montis, Pluma-JIT, PLUQUO, FIAG

    Framework Agreements

    Handling framework agreements is a core function for smooth order processing in automotive production. Thanks to seamless EDI integration, your ORDAT solution always knows the current status of each individual agreement.

    • Centralized administration for all framework agreements
    • Progress numbers in real time
    • All relevant contract information (total volume, already delivered, validity ...)
    • Consideration of transport and transit quantities
    • Different unloading points
    • Sophisticated plausibility test for order quantities
    • Change index administration

    Delivery schedule analysis

    The detailed analysis of customer orders (warehouse releases and just-in-time deliveries) supports you in optimizing materials handling, procurement, and production planning, and allows you to react quickly to order fluctuations.

    Just-in-time deliveries / Warehouse releases

    ORDAT ERP solutions offer all the functions you need to receive and process warehouse releases, just-in-time deliveries, and production synchronized orders. This allows suppliers to be seamlessly integrated into your logistical network.

    • Warehouse Release Orders (WRO) and Just-In-Time deliveries (JIT)
    • Production Synchronized Orders (PSO) with customers and suppliers to fully reflect the supply chain
    • Automatic integration of EDI warehouse release orders, with dialog box for editing if needed, while retaining original release data
    • Order “guiding”
    • Order history and analysis

    Plausibility check

    Each order is subject to a sophisticated plausibility check within the system to rule out errors. If the order quantities fall above or below set tolerance levels, the order will not be processed automatically.

    Batch and serial numbers

    Consistent series and batch-based inventory management allows you to efficiently manage your deliveries to manufacturers and system suppliers – and thanks to seamless tracing for series and batches, you can successfully defend against unwarranted liability claims.

    • Article-based series / batch structure
    • Where-used list (product liability)
    • Seamless series / batch tracing
    • Delivery batches designated on external shipping documents

    Change index

    Always maintain an overview of further developments, revisions, and variations of your items and primary products:

    Integrated bookkeeping and invoicing

    Increasing cost pressures, dropping margins – automotive suppliers need to be able to calculate goods and manufacturing orders with high precision, while maintaining an overview of their value flows and material flows at all times. Automated integration of bookkeeping and cost accounting into manufacturing and logistics helps you to always stay in the red.

    • Preliminary costing for items with cost elements structured in as much detail as necessary
    • Pre-calculations, ongoing calculations, and follow-up calculations for manufacturing contracts
    • Integrated representation of the entire flow of value and materials
    • Receipt of daily delivery notes from OEMs
    • Automatic credit processing in accordance with VDA
    • Receipt of credit notes and comparison with daily delivery note data
    • Deviations in value and quantity determined using a list of differences

    Credit Note Procedure

    Thanks to seamless integration of bookkeeping, your ORDAT solution automatically processes credit notes in accordance with VDA.

    • Credit notes with accounting integration
    • Automatic credit processing in accordance with VDA
    • Comparison with daily delivery note data

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