ERP FOSS system
ERP FOSS system

ERP system FOSS - ERP software for mid-sized companies

Across multiple sectors, platform-independent, modular – and with a carefree release upgrade concept

ORDAT has been successfully developing ERP systems for over 35 years. With FOSS, today ORDAT offers a platform-independent, fully integrated standard software with comprehensive functionality that can be used in many different industries. Based on proven, highly flexible system architecture and up-to-date technology, FOSS offers sophisticated operational functions precisely tailored to the needs of mid-sized production companies.

FOSS provides a wide spectrum of functions for mid-sized companies

The modular FOSS ERP system controls all of a company’s logistics areas, as well as all aspects of financial accounting and invoicing. The solution also offers comprehensive functions for supply chain management and professional e-business, as well as convenient receipt management and numerous industry-specific functions.

Quickly ready to use and always up-to-date

Thanks to its flexible architecture and our structured introduction methods based on best practices, FOSS is ready to use in a very short time period. Powerful customizing tools help you tailor the system precisely to your unique requirements and automate your business processes on a variable basis. The unprecedented release upgrade concept guarantees FOSS users have updated, modern ERP software at all times, without additional effort.

Your advantages with ERP system FOSS

Carefree release concept

There are two new releases each year. All updates, including customer-specific adaptations, are developed in adherence to standards and are provided free of charge to all users by ORDAT with the next release. In comparison to other systems, this means FOSS users easily and inexpensively benefit from new functions, features, and technologies, and are always working with an up-to-date ERP solution.

As an alternative to a complete release update to the newest software version, users also have the option of updating individual functions through release-conforming roll-ups. This allows companies to cover fiscal requirements, for instance, with a very short turnaround time. No matter which variation you choose: You will benefit from a modern, secure system, a high degree of usability, low IT costs, and an above average level of user satisfaction.


FOSS is a standard software, but can be adapted to the specific individual requirements of a company’s current or future corporate environment with relatively little effort. Instead of a rigid complete solution, you will enjoy the benefits of a flexible, configurable, and expandable ERP system which adapts perfectly to your actual requirements. This helps you secure your competitive position in the long term.

Industry neutral

Various industry versions are available for the FOSS standard ERP solution, such as versions for the automotive, process, metals, plastics processing, electrical, and electronics industries, or for discrete manufacturing. This allows FOSS users to utilize comprehensive industry functions even in the standard version and without complex adjustments, optimizing their business processes in a targeted manner.


FOSS works independent of any specific hardware, operating system, or database. The system works on both UNIX operating systems and Windows servers.

No third party licenses

All core technologies used in FOSS are proprietary ORDAT developments, and therefore free from third party licenses. For you, this means no additional costs, and all services from a single source.

Effiziente Sycor-Lösungen für alle FOSS-Anwender

Fully integrated ERP system for all business processes – the FOSS solution portfolio

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