Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX – complete package from a gold partner

The ERP solution for dynamic markets and global challenges

Powerful ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX stands out for its unique combination of broad business process support, industry-specific functions, a highly flexible, scalable system for global use, and its trusted, productive user interface with embedded BI functions.

Your Microsoft partner for consulting, development, and ERP introduction

ORDAT is a sales and development partner for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a Microsoft gold partner for ERP and application development, and “Microsoft system vendor of the year 2015.”
We offer a complete package of services related to Microsoft Dynamics AX: from comprehensive consulting to add-on features and customized additional functions, and advising related to introduction and operation.

Forward-thinking technologies

Microsoft Dynamics AX is based on the intelligent Microsoft Cloud. The cloud allows you to access all relevant information with almost any device and in real time – for sound decision-making, faster processes, and more agile controlling. Thanks to its layered architecture, the system can be easily and flexibly adapted to the specific requirements of the regions, industries, or customers for which it is used.

Global solution: simple, scalable, flexible

Microsoft Dynamics AX is built for scaling and growth: It can control a single business unit, but is also flexible enough to fulfill customized requirements in 36 countries – in just a single system instance. Numerous currencies, time zones, and languages, as well as compliance with various standards in banking and reporting, as well as in  various legislative territories make it easier for companies to act successfully on the international market.

Your advantages with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface from the trusted Microsoft landscape

Companies only truly benefit from the capacity and agility of a system if users are able to start using it efficiently without drawn-out initial training. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a simple user interface with intuitive operations, and a structure and look & feel users are already familiar with from Microsoft Office applications.

Overview of advantages

  • Personalized navigation area with favorites and clearly structured menu tree
  • Intuitive and fully-integrated BI tools for real time information
  • Quick, simple fact boxes
  • Comprehensive search and filter functions
  • Data set templates to easily enter data

Seamless integration into Microsoft Office

Integration into Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers integration for Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. This allows users to export list boxes directly to Excel and reports to Word or PowerPoint, for instance. Assessments and graphic visualizations created with BI tools Power View or Performance Point are also available as PowerPoint presentations with just two clicks.

Another advantage is the integration of Outlook – from automatic synchronization of contacts, appointments, and tasks to sending e-mails.

Simple scaling

Quickly and flexibly move to a global ERP solution

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can easily scale your organization with a single, centralized international solution – worldwide, and while continuing to completely fulfill different national legal requirements.

This lets you harmonize and standardize your business processes across all locations. Branches and divisions within a corporate group can easily and securely exchange data, and business processes can be managed through fully automated means.

Overview of advantages

  • 36 countries
  • 50 languages
  • Multiple time zones
  • Multiple currencies
  • Compliance with various standards

Workflow automation

Structured, efficient work

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a fully integrated workflow engine. Workflow templates are available in all areas and all modules of the system.

Workflow automation combines user tasks within a centralized area of responsibility, including all of the tasks which have been assigned to a single person, their role, or to a specific functional input queue.

Personal and team tasks are displayed clearly for each individual user. This makes it easier for employees to adhere to and follow processes, and supports structured and efficiently organized work habits.

Integrated business intelligence (BI)

Analyses and meaningful information

The value of a corporate software solution becomes clear as soon as it converts data into meaningful information, facilitating and accelerating decision-making processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX works in conjunction with Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft Office to offer comprehensive BI functions: Information, analyses, and forecasts The most important KPIs, aggregated from data available in the system and displayed clearly, are displayed on a total of 45 role-specific dashboards – helping you and your employees to keep an overview of resources, recognize trends, and make better decisions more quickly.

Microsoft Power BI - evaluations in real time
Power BI is an analytic service that combines various existing business intelligence tools. It allows you to visualize your data however you desire, and to clearly display your entire company on one dashboard.

Role-specific views

Quicker access to role-specific views

The role center is the role-specific homepage for a user. It can be individually designed for each user based on 35 available templates. Additionally, a user’s role controls their authorizations to access specific functions and information within Microsoft Dynamics AX (role-based security and authorization concept). A user can hold multiple roles within the system.

Defining employee profiles with separate modelling for persons, hierarchies, and roles provides users quicker access to role-specific views.

Microsoft Dynamics AX - core ERP functions

Microsoft Dynamics AX - industry functions

ORDAT - add ons for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Electronic banking

With the electronic banking add on from ORDAT, daily processing of movements among your company’s various bank accounts can be handled almost entirely automatically in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Requirement: You use an online banking system such as MultiCash, Profi cash, SFIRM, etc.
The account statements delivered by the bank are automatically transferred into journals. Accounts and open items are allocated automatically. It is possible to edit these before they are posted.

Control center integration

ORDAT’s Dynamics AX control center interface allows for direct, bi-directional data synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics AX and a production control center. This allows you, for instance, to compare orders and bills of materials from the ERP system with the order backlog in the control center, providing direct feedback on materials consumption and detailed scheduling.

Compliance Monitoring Interface

EU regulations to combat terrorism (EC 881/2002 and 2580/2001) requires all companies to undertake extremely complex measures to detect and prevent illegal business contacts.

For Dynamics AX users, we have designed an interface with Format Software's “Sanctions List Monitor” solution.

The interface enables:

  • Mass data monitoring of the entire global address book
  • Online testing of individual master data of creditors and debtors
  • Online testing of process data of creditors and debtors

The Sanctions List Monitor is fully integrated into the Dynamics AX interface. An online test can be performed directly from Dynamics AX. The user is immediately informed of the status of the address record. In addition, all tests performed are logged and can be tracked at any time. The integration of other areas of Dynamics AX is easy.

ATLAS - customs online process

The ATLAS “automated tariff and local customs processing system” of the German customs administration simplifies, unifies, and accelerates communication with customs agencies. The process provides security within the supply chain, responding to increased security requirements in customs monitoring in cross-border goods transport.

Participation in ATLAS requires the use of certified software.  ORDAT offers an established interface to handle ATLAS that links Microsoft Dynamics AX to the trusted software solution for electronic customs clearance from our partner FORMAT Software Service GmbH.

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