Maximum performance and enhanced IT compliance

IT system landscapes are becoming increasingly more complex and diverse. Increasing cloud applications and compliance requirements pose new challenges for IT administration. At the same time, huge streams of data must be monitored, system errors quickly fixed and disruption-free operation ensured where possible.

ORDAT is your partner when it comes to optimising your existing IT infrastructure. We know all about the entire technology stack and the complex interaction between operating systems, databases and applications.

Our decades of experience in system integration and configuration means we can deliver a highly available, powerful, practically failsafe system with perfectly aligned components. Nevertheless, should anything happen to go wrong, we’ll reduce any downtime or data loss to a minimum. Let us advise you on the complex topic of IT compliance and benefit from our comprehensive expertise.


Beneficial for you in IT administration

In times of increasingly shorter supply chains, it is extremely important that your ERP system is available 24/7 where possible.

We work together with you to analyse your demand, develop proposals and implement them. Our company has developers, consultants and system engineers who all work hand in hand. Thanks to our diverse expertise and comprehensive database knowledge, we can typically fix problems in the blink of an eye:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software applications as an online service: Software as a Service (SaaS) is an internet software solution that means no local installation is required. All services are accessed online and existing services or applications can be subscribed to in the cloud using the browser. The cloud provider is therefore able to continuously adapt to new customer requirements.

The cloud solution offers three key benefits:

  • Access to software regardless of location, including via mobile devices and various operating systems
  • You save on purchasing, installation and follow-up costs such as maintenance and support, and can use the applications directly


Find out about ORDAT’s comprehensive solutions and services

ERP system solutions

Standard or individual software: our ERP system solutions can be tailored to your needs perfectly.

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Partial solutions

With powerful subsystems, specific processes and sections of your company will be significantly optimised.


ORDAT services

We will help you with our comprehensive support services and make all of our expertise available to you.

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