Analysis / system analysis
Analysis / system analysis

Analyse / Systemanalyse

Every company has its own goals, business processes and production methods and is often affiliated with partner companies, networks or manufacturing groups. Our experts and system advisors analyse your processes and work with you to develop processes and strategies to successfully optimise and transform your organisation.


As part of ERP introduction or as a separate service

The ORDAT process analysis is carried out as part of ERP introduction and is highly valued by our customers as an ongoing service. Our specialists have comprehensive know-how and are trained IT consultants with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge. Together with you, they develop effective strategies and measures for improvement based on comprehensive process analyses.


Outstanding system and consultancy skills to ensure your success

The ORDAT experts handle your project in a personal, collaborative manner. For the more unusual tasks, we collaborate with external partners from our top-class network, with whom we have worked successfully for many years. This offers multiple advantages for you, as you can rely on top-quality system and consultancy knowledge, even for very specific queries.


ERP potential analysis

Identify and tap into individual scope for improvement

ORDAT helps you get the most out of your installed ERP system. There are often significant usage reserves, for instance where the system was introduced several years ago but business processes have since then changed without the ERP system being optimally adapted to these changes.
The potential analysis is based on a systematic, structured working method that considers all relevant aspects. The data collected forms the starting point for identifying improvements in terms of company organisation, reveals training deficits and forms a solid basis for the future ERP strategy. At the end of the analysis, you will receive a comprehensive report with personal recommendations for action.


Objectives of the ERP potential analysis  

  • Structured analysis and evaluation of the ERP support installed
  • Uncovering unwanted developments / investments in ‘island solutions’
  • Transparency with regard to the ERP system installed
  • Increase in the level of use of the ERP system
  • Identification of improvement potential
  • Development of organisational and technical IT improvement measures
  • Anchoring a continual improvement process
  • Basis for sustainable ERP strategy
  • Improvement in data quality
  • Increase in user qualification and motivation

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