Excellent competences in ERP and Business Intelligence

Benefit from efficient processes and valuable insights

Only companies that increase operational efficiency through ongoing process optimisation and use big data to make rapid, well-founded decisions will survive long-term in our dynamic, global markets.
We’ll show you how we optimise your processes using a combination of ERP and modern business intelligence (BI) tools, and how to optimally utilise your data potential.

Outstanding skills in ERP, processes and industries  

ORDAT has been developing ERP systems for over 40 years, and has successfully implemented over 750 ERP projects to date. In doing so, we combine profound process and industry knowledge with a comprehensive understanding of the client business model. As a ”Microsoft Gold Certified Partner”our development know-how has also flowed into innovative Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 since 2006.  
So you can be sure, we know exactly what we are doing: How we can optimise business processes, how Big Data can be used strategically, which industry-specific requirements must be taken into account. And how we implement even highly complex projects step by step with our customers: from consulting to development and implementation to service.

Business Intelligence, Portals & Mobile  

Relevant information in real time and smart services  

Make the right decisions faster

You need a sound basis for quick operational and strategic decisions. The extensive, up-to-date company data of our modern ERP systems are the ideal basis for diverse reporting and analysis solutions and web-supported service functions.  
Support your employees with the readily available business intelligence and data analysis tools they need to make fast, informed decisions. Whether management or operational staff: Everyone should have access to the information and analysis results relevant to them quickly and in line with their needs.  It is crucial that the essentials can be quickly filtered out of the abundance of information.
ORDAT is very experienced in the development of apps and web portals in connection with the ERP systems FOSS and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We find the most effective uses of mobile functions and internet services (e.g. web shops, collaboration platforms, etc.) that help you to further optimise your business processes and customer and supplier relationships.
We offer you business intelligence solutions that effectively support your company's processes and precisely meet your individual requirements. And our experts are also available to help you adapt to a changing environment.

Discover the many areas in which specialist departments can be supported through ERP and business intelligence decisions:


  • Controlling: KPIs such as turnover, liquidity, cash flow and profitability, contribution margin analyses, procurement efficiency analysis
  • Production: System availability, throughput times, evaluations for quality management
  • Purchasing: Analysis of procurement costs, supplier and procurement management, supplier adherence to delivery dates
  • Logistics: Delivery reliability, inventory analysis and turnover analysis
  • Sales: Analysis of product and customer potentials and distribution channels
  • Human Resources: Personnel cost analysis, personnel planning, recruiting process, analysis of absenteeism and overtime

Find out more about the individual areas

Reporting - information instead of speculation

Those who have a lot of data in their ERP system are not necessarily well informed.  
Our BI solutions enable you to generate cross-departmental analyses from existing data which are suitable as a basis for your business decisions.

Complete integration

Collecting, administering and accessing information from all relevant divisions – highly integrated and always up-to-date.

Putting an end to data chaos

Simply and reliably link the diverse and complex data of the different divisions. This ensures that you use the full potential of your company information.

Simple tools for self-service

Our tools make it possible for specialist departments to independently access all the information that is relevant for them – without IT support, with a few “clicks” and without technical knowledge.

Secure basis for decision-making

Customers, representatives and suppliers can be integrated very effectively into the workflow of your ERP system. In doing so, all the data is updated in real-time.

Portals - security and perfect integration

Web-based marketplaces and electronic communication accelerate business processes, reduce transaction costs, create additional distribution channels and increase the level of service and market transparency. The e-business solution from ORDAT offers a perfect connection of your customers and suppliers and a seamless integration of your ERP system.


Direct ERP interface

With our solution, you will benefit from an important advantage compared to specialised shopping cart systems: The required data is not replicated in a second database, but read directly from the ERP system database. Thus, you save yourself the time-consuming and error-prone duplicate data maintenance.

High data security

All the data and information needed for the web shop is saved in the central database of the ERP system. Thus, security gaps, which could occur due to data access from external systems, are avoided.

Individual design

Our e-business solution offers you complete freedom to individually design and customise your web shop with regard to function.

Seamless integration

Our solutions and services have received multiple awards from renowned institutes and independent expert committees, for example, we have been Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2006.
In 2013 FOSS received the ERP System of the Year award for electronics production from the Center for Enterprise Research (CER), in 2014 the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) honored us as a training organization, and in 2015 CER awarded the title of “Microsoft Dynamics System House of the Year” to ORDAT.


Mobile & Apps - Access key features anywhere

Whether in the office, working from home or on the go via smartphone - being able to access the preferred functions at any time is a matter of course in era of New Work.  
With our mobile solutions you have access to all functionalities that you require for your field of activity. For example, enter a quotation or create a new shift schedule, approve a new order or conveniently accept a holiday request with a single click.


Reduce complexity

Our mobile solutions reduce the complexity of an ERP system to the essentials. Your employees are provided with only those functionalities as mobile components that they need for their tasks.

Free choice of end devices

The applications function in a device-independent manner – as web browser applications or also via tablet or smart phone (iOS, Android, Windows).

High security

With the individual authorisation concept, you can precisely define the authorisations and responsibilities in relation to the applications. In doing so, undesired access to specific range of functions is prevented and the security within the company is increased.

Individual adjustment

The range of functions are precisely tailored to the user’s requirements. Thus, your employees are relieved and can concentrate on their essential work.

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