Using buisness metrics successfully
Using buisness metrics successfully

Using business metrics successfully

Challenges and solutions

Transforming data into meaningful business metrics can secure numerous advantages and strengthen your company in the long term. To help you successfully exploit the potential of your data, we accompany you on your way to becoming a data-driven company with tried and tested solutions. We provide you with real expert tips to help you master the challenges of data management.


Data validity: How do you get high-quality, valid data?

For small and medium-sized enterprises that continuously collect data, often from various sources, one thing is in focus above all: data validity. After all, only complete, accurate and error-free data lead to reliable key figures and well-informed decisions. Modern ERP and BI tools give you and your employees a massive helping hand here: they combine data from different sources, eliminate duplicates and ensure uniform data formats - all automatically, reliably and at top speed.


Data analysis: How do you convert the collected data into meaningful reports?

The complicated, tedious and error-prone path is via manually managed Excel spreadsheets and should be avoided at all costs from our perspective. In order to make the amount of data usable without errors and with little effort, the use of suitable tools is the much better choice: with the help of business intelligence solutions, data and key figures can be visualised and converted into reliable, daily updated and meaningful reports. These provide a quick overview and form the basis for successful "data-driven decision making".


Data protection and confidentiality: How to comply with all regulations?

In the digital era, navigating the jungle of legal rules and regulations in data management is no easy task. Completely understandable, as the requirements are complex, dynamic and often vary by region. Protecting personal data and complying with data protection regulations is paramount, and the ever-present threat of both internal and external cyber threats can often be intimidating, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Our tip is to get experts on board to advise you on such issues and ensure that your data is used securely and compliantly. Data protection officers, whether internal or external, are often indispensable advisors here. Robust IT security systems, a comprehensive data protection strategy and the training of your employees are further measures to protect your data integrity and avoid jeopardising business processes.


Sustainable success in sight!

By Markus Schäfer (Managing director)

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