Payroll Outsourcing
Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll accounting

Economic and failsafe

Payroll accounting simply needs to work. Timely, accurate payment of employees is essential for every employer. Even small and medium-sized businesses benefit from our outsourced payroll service.
Thanks to our expertise and a high degree of automation, we can run your payroll accounting more economically, precisely and reliably.

Comprehensive tailored service from ORDAT

ORDAT takes over the complete processing of your ongoing payroll accounting: legally compliant, error-free and on time. Our certified technology is designed for fail-safety and absolute reliability. Our highly qualified employees are very familiar with all aspects of payroll accounting and are always available to you and your employees as personal contacts.

Benefit from our extensive expertise and the reliability and efficiency ORDAT can offer you with payroll outsourcing. This lets you get back to focussing on the most important things. Your core business.

The process in three steps

1. Definition of the service package and data transfer (one-off)
We familiarise ourselves with your processes, advise you on the best service package for you and agree with you the further procedure for the initial set-up and data transfer.  

We then ensure a seamless transition of your current payroll accounting to us. The transfer of your payroll data is handled confidentially and competently by us, regardless of whether these activities were previously carried out by your tax advisor or with your own payroll accounting.  

2. Transmission of monthly changes
Your time expenditure is then limited to the monthly transmission of transaction data: The hours worked by a wage earner as well as all changes that occur for the current payroll month, e.g. employees entering or leaving the company or changes in health insurance.  

3. Reliable, fail-safe preparation of your current payrolls 
We put together your payroll package for you on time for the payroll date. This includes all the documents relevant to the payroll and, of course, the earnings statements: enveloped, sorted alphabetically or sorted by personnel number in multiple copies - just as you need them. If you wish, we can take care of franking and mailing the statements and prepare informative evaluations for you. Of course, we also take care of the transmission of the wage tax and contribution statements to authorities and health insurance companies.



We attach great importance to a long-standing, trusting business relationship with our customers, and with success: quite a few companies have been outsourcing their payroll accounting to us for several decades. Independent studies also repeatedly certify ORDAT's first-class service quality and competent advice.


The unique interaction of intelligent software and the extensive know-how of our experienced staff ensures that you can sit back and relax.
Because you know: ORDAT payroll accounting is always punctual, correct and legally compliant.


Simply outsource time-consuming accounting processes! We take over the processing of all payroll-relevant procedures and also take care of all updates.
You regularly receive error-free and clear earnings statements for your employees and do not have to worry about IT resources or legal issues - only about your core business.

Lower costs

Acquisition of software, installation, maintenance, updates - running your own software installations costs money and causes effort. In addition, you have to build up the corresponding IT and specialist know-how in the company and keep it up to date.
You can save all that - with payroll accounting from ORDAT.


Prüfen Sie unser Lösungsangebot – Sie werden feststellen, dass unsere Leistungen ihren Preis wert sind. Es gibt keine versteckten Kosten: Sie zahlen nur, was Sie auch nutzen, und können Ihre Kosten jederzeit exakt planen.

Costing certainty

Check our range of solutions - you will find that our services are worth the price. There are no hidden costs: you only pay for what you use and can plan your costs exactly at any time.

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Only 3 steps to success! With ORDAT you save time and costs!

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