Digital Workplace
Digital Workplace

How digital is your home office?

Right now employees of many companies are working from home. Thanks to the technologies available, this is usually not a problem. But, surely you also ask yourself, how do I actually get my invoices so that they are properly booked, how do I apply for my holiday or short-time work? Because contact with customers, suppliers and colleagues is currently only possible to a very limited extent, if at all. It all takes far too long by regular post. It is precisely here, in a home office environment, that we realise what "digitalisation" actually means in everyday working life.

Although many entrepreneurs and businesses are now quite annoyed by the topic of digitalisation - because where exactly is the practical benefit? - we at ORDAT benefit fully from our digitalisation business processes.
We see digitalisation as a "holistic" issue that affects the entire business process and this is exactly where we support you, the solution is quite simple!

Digitisation in practical use - simple, transparent and secure

1. Web-based ORDAT.ERP Absence Planner

How practical to have permanent access to the necessary information even when you are on the go or working from home. The web-based absence planner enables your employees to conveniently apply for and manage their absence planning, holiday or short-time work from their PC, tablet or smartphone with just a few clicks. Access is available 24 x 7 days and can therefore be used at any time.

2. Digital approval procedures

Conveniently approve an order, order confirmation or quotation and much more with just a few clicks. Whether at your office computer or on the move via smartphone - you have access to your preferred functions at all times.


3. Electronic sickness notification via ORDAT.ERP

Despite working from home, sick leave from employees should be submitted to the HR department promptly. If the sick note can already be requested by telephone from the doctor, then the report to the employer can also be made electronically. Using the ORDAT.ERP app, employees can photograph their "sick note" and send it to their employer in compliance with data protection regulations, without the hassle of sending the notification by post. Yes, and the HR department automatically filed the report in the electronic document archive. The document can of course be accessed at any time via the ORDAT.ERP paper clip.


4. Incoming invoice workflow with ORDAT.ERP  

Fast and secure approval of invoices. This solution completely transfers the process of capturing, approving and posting incoming invoices into the digital world.


5. Electronic dunning run

Securing one's own liquidity is of vital interest to every company, but customers do not always pay their bills on time. But how are the reminders supposed to reach the right contact person at the customer in a timely manner? With the fully automatic, electronic dunning run, overdue reminders are automatically sent to customers. And with the reminder by e-mail, the customer immediately receives a copy of the original invoice. This thus saves time-consuming queries. The sent reminders are automatically stored in the archive system.


6. Travel expense report via web

Travel expenses are now recorded in our Workstamp time accounting system and transferred to ORDAT.ERP via web service for employee accounting. The travel expense receipts are also transferred as attachments, making this workflow completely paperless.
Services to our customers are documented in Workstamp, whereby travel expenses are directly allocated to the services.
The expenses, together with any existing travel expenses and receipts, are then transferred via the customer order interfaces (KASN interface) to ORDAT.ERP for further processing and invoicing.


7. ORDAT.ERP app time recording

With the ORDAT.ERP app, you / we can process and record clocking in and out time recording from any location. This means that the legal requirements of the ECJ for recording working hours are also met when working from home and there is no need for tedious subsequent recording of hand-written working times.  In addition, the employer can fulfil its obligation to comply with the working time protection rules in a timely manner.


8. Workstamp time recording - in-house digitalisation

We record our own working hours online in real time in a tool that we developed ourselves. Especially during periods when working from home, filling out time certificates for working hours is no longer necessary. This saves a lot of time and each employee has his or her daily "working hours and activities "in view".


9. Microsoft Teams

Not forgetting, of course, MS Teams and Skype for business. We have been using these tools for years. Meetings, both external and internal, can be easily planned. With MS Teams, all participants can work on shared documents in real time thanks to the integration in Microsoft Office. This saves time and promotes productivity.

Conclusion: Thanks to these diverse digital functions, it can be said that, apart from the work location and the desk, nothing has changed in the daily work processes.

You want to know it exactly ? Then contact us!