High-performance solutions from a single source

For efficient and intelligent business processes

Global delivery shortages, increasing product versions and shorter order times: as a medium-sized company, you need a digital strategy in order to remain competitive in future. ORDAT is your partner for intelligent companies. We offer high-performance ERP solutions that support your company’s operational excellence and resilience.  


Become even better and faster

Our solutions help to reduce your production and supply chain costs through efficient processes and improve your ability to deliver. At the same time, we empower you to understand more and react more intelligently with relevant insights. This allows you to proactively respond to market changes.


Everything from a single source  

No matter how unique and complex your requirements, you can rely on our problem-solving skills and market-ready innovations. As one of the few manufacturers of ERP systems, we offer consultancy, development, implementation and service from a single source.  

ERP system solutions  

The right ERP system for your business  

ORDAT offers high-performance, user-friendly ERP solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. The flexible system architecture can be precisely tailored to your company processes and evolve with increasing demand. A streamlined, flexible system without redundant features can be quickly introduced and minimises risk when decommissioning older systems, ensuring that your investment soon pays off.  

We assist you in choosing the best system for your requirements: Together with you, our experienced ERP experts check how well your actual processes are depicted in the software, which processes can be optimised and are useful, and how we can get the most out of your system together.


The platform-independent, ready-to-use standard ERP system from ORDAT for medium-sized businesses. Discover the wide range of features.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

The optimum ERP solution for international companies in dynamic markets. Further information can be found here.

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Partial solutions

At ORDAT, you can also get high-performance partial solutions that significantly optimise specific areas and processes of your company and effectively close any existing gaps in the system. This allows you to support individual departments as needed with new features and applications.


ORDAT services

ORDAT supports you with competent advice, comprehensive services and pooled knowledge from decades of experience in software development, system introduction and industry know-how. Find out more about ORDAT services.

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Here you’ll find our platform-independent partial solutions that can be flexibly integrated into various IT environments.

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Microsoft additions

Discover the high-performance additions to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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