Perfect your production processes

Manufacturing companies face the daily challenge of improving their performance in relation to traditional benchmarks like costs, time to market, product quality and  inventory optimization.

No matter how your manufacturing process is structured – whether discrete or process-oriented, individual or mass production – ORDAT knows the challenges and conditions you face from our experience with a large number of manufacturing projects. You will receive a customized solution to perfect your processes – with functions perfectly tailored towards your company’s size, industry, production type, and other characteristics. Business intelligence is another key component, providing you a real time overview of all relevant manufacturing data at all times.

Increase ability to deliver and flexibility

Thanks to our industry and process understanding, we can support you effectively in lowering manufacturing costs and improving your supplier capabilities and flexibility on an ongoing basis. We keep the numerous rules and regulations that apply to your various manufacturing scenarios in mind. And the future? Whether you’re facing Industry 4.0, a changing supply chain, or new product features – we can help you find a path between expensive hype and smart innovation.

Beneficial for you in production

ORDAT 365csm

From container management to customer order management: The ERP partial solution digitalises and automates complex supply chain processes for efficient supply chain management.

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Production: Effective planning and control

Navigate accurately, avoid production bottlenecks and reliably calculate. Find out more about our system for effective planning and management of complex production processes.


Planning Board: Mapping and management of all production details

Enjoy optimum use of capacity and an excellent overview of production processes with our Planning Board for mapping and management of all production details.


Planning: Optimised requirement planning

Convenient and flexible requirement planning for short lead times and on-time delivery with effective ORDAT Planning.


Optimised warehouse management

Optimise warehouse management: Avoid bottlenecks and reduce storage costs for effective material flow throughout the supply chain.


Maintenance: Greater transparency and fewer failures

Maximum machine availability and less downtime of machines and equipment due to damage. With ORDAT’s tool for the optimum production maintenance strategy.


Find out about ORDAT’s comprehensive solutions and services

ERP system solutions

Standard or individual software: our ERP system solutions can be tailored to your needs perfectly.

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Partial solutions

With powerful subsystems, specific processes and sections of your company will be significantly optimised.


ORDAT services

We will help you with our comprehensive support services and make all of our expertise available to you.

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