One-off production
One-off production

ERP solutions for one-off production

Integrated standard system with industry features

For the special requirements of one-off production

One-off manufacturers tread unknown territory with each order. Demanding project management, spontaneous changes to customer requirements and changing framework conditions are some of the greatest challenges faced in one-off production, required a high degree of flexibility.

React flexibly and quickly

ERP systems are generally optimised for series production. Tried-and-tested ERP solutions from ORDAT can boost your competitiveness as a one-off manufacturer: with more efficient task processing, seamless project management, optimised planning of deadlines, resources and capacity, integration of purchasing, accounts and CAD systems and consistent cost transparency. And, thanks to real-time data, you can react flexibly and quickly to changing customer requirements.

ORDAT is your competent partner for one-off production

With numerous, successful projects for customers in machine construction, system construction, automation technology and other industries, ORDAT understands the challenges of one-off production in detail. Our standard ERP solutions contain numerous industry-specific features to visibly support your daily requirements.

ORDAT’s ERP solutions can help make-to-order manufacturers:

  • Securely process orders – from bid preparation to invoicing,
  • fulfill even highly specific or complex customer requirements,
  • control your processes along the entire supply chain in an integrated manner,
  • schedule production optimally across multiple locations,
  • keep an overview of processes, resources, and costs,
  • administer your supply chain efficiently.

An overview of your benefits

With ERP solutions from ORDAT, make-to-order manufacturers can effectively control all of the variables along their supply and manufacturing chains, communicate more efficiently with suppliers and customers, and use their production and supply capacities in the most optimal manner possible.

Consistent integration of all operational areas – from manufacturing, logistics, and materials management to bookkeeping and cost accounting – ensures transparency, guarantees data is always up to date, and reduces maintenance work for your system. You can also easily integrate Office programs, CAD, and PDM systems.

Order-based production planning

ERP solutions from ORDAT support you in secure order processing – from precise bid preparation to management for orders, projects, machines, or replacement parts, and planning assembly or maintenance. Production planning and controlling takes place on an order-by-order basis, using bills of materials and work schedules – which can be multi-level or adjusted for different variants – which you can create and administer easily. You can also handle procurement and administration for the materials and purchased parts you need through your ERP solution.

Efficiently manage and monitor resources and capacities

Powerful scheduling functions for orders, deadlines, capacities, and resources give you full control over your processes. Interactive tools for detailed scheduling prepare the results of your requirements planning and current production data in a clear manner and in real time, taking into account flexible machines, work stations, materials situations, and even planned maintenance orders. This allows you to permanently monitor your production processes and react immediately to bottlenecks.

Transparency for budgets, costs, and company figures

Thanks to the precise calculating capabilities of your ORDAT solution, including advance, simultaneous, and post-costing analyses, you can always maintain an overview of expected and actual costs while managing your orders and projects.
In addition, the solution provides you with flexible, convenient, and configurable reporting and analysis functions (business intelligence), with which you can quickly and clearly map and evaluate data relevant to decision-making processes within your company or area.

Specialized ERP functions for the individual manufacturing


Your ORDAT solution allows you to make precise calculations. Freely configurable pricing diagrams are available for preliminary costing, simultaneous costing, and post calculations.
This allows you to determine appropriate bid prices, review whether a manufacturing order or project has paid off, and react quickly in case of any deviations related to expenses or purchase prices.

Multi-level production

Your ERP solution from ORDAT comprehensively maps even complex discrete manufacturing processes. It provides support for all types of manufacturing – from conventional series production and synchronous assembly to individual production, prototype construction, and small series. Production planning and controlling is based on bills of materials / recipes and work schedules. Various types of manufacturing orders are available, which you can plan, edit, and administer in as many levels as you need.

  • Multi-level work schedules and bills of materials.
  • Convenient order processing
  • Planned orders and manufacturing orders
  • Individual orders and collective orders
  • Joint production

Graphic planning grid

ORDAT’s graphic planning grid is a powerful tool for visually supported, interactive, detailed production planning. it provides a clear graphic overview of the entire production process in real time, including all required and available resources (machines, personnel, materials) – on multiple monitors if needed. Work processes can be rescheduled by drag & drop or shifted to other capacities in order to optimize resource utilization. The flexible configuration editor allows your company to quickly, conveniently adjust to individual production processes.

  • Graphic visualization of production and maintenance orders, operating materials, and facilities
  • Presentation in Gantt charts and capacity bar charts
  • Schedule work processes manually or automatically
  • Bottleneck monitoring
  • Select from a display of individual resource, capacity group, cost center, or factory
  • Drill down function on bill of materials, work schedule, materials handling, order, simultaneous calculation
  • Online monitoring of production order status and progress
  • Reschedule orders via drag & drop
  • Various feedback methods for production orders


Consistent series and batch-based inventory management allows you to efficiently manage your deliveries to manufacturers and system suppliers – and thanks to seamless tracing for series and batches, you can successfully defend against unwarranted liability claims.

  • Article-based series / batch structure
  • Where-used list (product liability)
  • Delivery batches designated on external shipping documents
  • Seamless traceability for semi-finished products and raw materials requiring batch handling, all the way to the suppliers
  • Reliable tracing for batches associated with complaints through warehouse locations and production levels to the customer

Bill of materials administration

Your ERP solution from ORDAT includes numerous functions for flexibly and comfortably managing bills of materials, such as:

  • Administration of multi-level bills of materials
  • Importing and comparing bills of materials
  • CAD bill of materials list import via Excel
  • Support for alternative bills of materials

Technical data

Your ORDAT solution allows you to map any desired technical, quality, and industry-specific data and information in a freely configurable library. The data is then available in master data sets and numerous related processes.

  • Technical data
  • Chemical and physical data
  • Structure freely configurable libraries
  • Document batches and qualities
  • Use in free formulas

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