Head of Purchase
Head of Purchase

Head of Purchase

Optimise your purchasing processes with ORDAT

Purchasing places great value on cost-saving and subsequently optimising company results. At the same time, as a purchaser you are expected to identify the risks of disruptions to the supply chain early on, such as price increases, more expensive raw material acquisition, currency fluctuations and factors such as delivery bottlenecks and supplier failures.


Transparent data and fast responsiveness

The ERP system solutions from ORDAT centrally provide data in real time so that you can identify savings potential and make sound, strategic decisions. Keep track of the facts and figures at all times through to the invoicing stage, including those of your supplier network. Processes along the supply chain are automated, stabilised and clearly represented. This gives you greater control and allows you to respond quickly to critical changes. Use these intelligent systems for your purchasing strategy - and to gain a competitive advantage.


Optimum procurement and supplier management

ORDAT helps you achieve optimum procurement and supplier management with high-performance ERP solutions  (Link zu Überblick ERP-Systeme) . We link all purchasing functions to create data transparency so that you can keep track of orders, incoming goods and invoices at all times to build a stable supply chain.


What ORDAT offers you

  • In-depth industry and process expertise in the industrial sector
  • Maximum reliability and accuracy
  • Strong solution competency and agility
  • Economic solutions with fair pricing
  • Personal and cooperative partnership
  • Reliable support services and training for you and your employees


What our solutions offer you

  • High data quality and availability in real time
  • Increased data transparency
  • Complete automation of information flow
  • Fast response to changes
  • Increased analytical capability
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Optimised delivery performance


Beneficial for you as a Head of Purchase

ORDAT 365csm
From container management to credit note procedures and customer order management: The ERP partial solution digitalises and automates complex supply chain processes for efficient supply chain management.

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With powerful subsystems, specific processes and sections of your company will be significantly optimised.


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