Plastic industry
Plastic industry

ERP solutions for the plastics industry

Optimally tailored to the unique requirements of your industry

Limiting single-use plastics and the requirement to use recycled polymers and bioplastics is shaking up the plastics industry. The general strategies for recycled plastic make one thing clear: we need alternatives and new products to achieve these ambitious goals. Factors such as increased cost pressure, global supply chains and rapidly increasing energy and raw material costs also come into play.

Optimise processes and save resources

The high-performance ERP solutions from ORDAT support you in this challenging environment to make your processes more efficient and maintain on-time deliveries. Integrating all areas optimises your processes and creates maximum efficiency across the supply chain. This effectively reduces costs, saves valuable resources and makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.


Enhance your business with ORDAT

ORDAT supports you with in-depth industry and process knowledge as well as ERP solutions with features tailored to your specific requirements: We optimise your day-to-day plastics production processes such as framework agreements and call-offs, co-production, tool management, extended workbench or traceability to generate more efficiency for your company. Our customers include medium-sized plastics companies throughout Europe as well as many in the automotive industry. Trust ORDAT’s expertise and enhance your business with our industry-specific solutions.

Our solutions help you:

  • plan and manage your integrated processes
  • optimally use your production and personnel resources
  • increase your competitiveness
  • implement sustainable, resource-friendly processes

The benefits at a glance

With an ERP solution from ORDAT, plastics manufacturers can effectively control all of the variables they encounter along their supply and manufacturing chains, communicate more efficiently with suppliers and customers, and use their production and supply capacities in the most optimal manner possible.

Consistent integration of all operational areas – from manufacturing, logistics, and materials management to bookkeeping and cost accounting – ensures transparency, guarantees data is always up to date, and reduces maintenance work for your system.

Manage resources and capacities efficiently

Powerful functions for efficient production planning and controlling give you full control over your processes, even fulfilling challenging MES requirements. Interactive planning tools, combined with integrated production data acquisition and machine data logging functions, prepare needs-planning results and complex production data in an easy to understand way and in real time, allowing you to use your personnel resources and machine capacities efficiently. Detailed production planning takes into account flexible machines, work stations, and materials situations, and even includes planned maintenance orders.

Improve competitive position

ERP solutions from ORDAT can help you become more competitive: Save costs through more efficient material utilization, secure calculations, and optimized inventory. Increase your productivity through optimized capacity utilization and quicker lead times, and benefit from consistent transparency across your entire supply chain. Business intelligence functions support reliable, forward-thinking materials handling, and the early secure identification of cost drivers.

Ensure sustainability

Sustainability and resource efficiency are becoming more and more important, especially for plastics processing companies. ERP solutions from ORDAT support you in using the least possible resources to achieve the best possible productivity – through process optimization, sophisticated manufacturing planning, and an improved utilization of material and production capacities.

Special ERP features for plastics processing

Machine data logging integration

ORDAT solutions allow your company to integrate production data acquisition and machine data logging systems and process control systems for fast, comprehensive feedback on key production data. Our solutions allow you to record and evaluate information such as

  • Order, batch, and material data
  • Personnel work hours
  • Order lead times 
  • Malfunctions and downtime
  • Set up, cleaning, and production times
  • Target / actual quantities and scrap
  • Target / actual cycle times


Your ORDAT solution allows you to make precise calculations. Freely configurable pricing diagrams are available for preliminary costing, simultaneous costing, and post calculations.

This allows you to determine appropriate bid prices, review whether a manufacturing order or project has paid off, and react quickly in case of any deviations related to expenses or purchase prices.

Tool management

The powerful, convenient tool management features offered by ORDAT take into account set-up times and costs and cycle times, and document completed maintenance and repair measures in a detailed object history.

  • Integration into production, materials handling, and purchasing helps avoid bottlenecks
  • Automatically includes planned maintenance
  • Takes into account set-up times, costs, and cycle times
  • Nest management for multi-function tools

Graphic planning grid

ORDAT’s graphic planning grid is a powerful tool for visually supported, interactive, detailed production planning. it provides a clear graphic overview of the entire production process in real time, including all required and available resources (machines, personnel, materials) – on multiple monitors if needed. Work processes can be rescheduled by drag & drop or shifted to other capacities in order to optimize resource utilization. The flexible configuration editor allows your company to quickly, conveniently adjust to individual production processes.

  • Graphic visualization of production and maintenance orders, operating materials, and facilities
  • Presentation in Gantt charts and capacity bar charts
  • Schedule work processes manually or automatically
  • Bottleneck monitoring
  • Select from a display of individual resource, capacity group, cost center, or factory
  • Drill down function on bill of materials, work schedule, materials handling, order, simultaneous calculation
  • Online monitoring of production order status and progress
  • Reschedule orders via drag & drop
  • Various feedback methods for production orders


Consistent series and batch-based inventory management allows you to efficiently manage your deliveries to manufacturers and system suppliers – and thanks to seamless tracing for series and batches, you can successfully defend against unwarranted liability claims.

  • Article-based series / batch structure
  • Where-used list (product liability)
  • Delivery batches designated on external shipping documents
  • Seamless traceability for semi-finished products and raw materials requiring batch handling, all the way to the suppliers
  • Reliable tracing for batches associated with complaints through warehouse locations and production levels to the customer

Bill of materials administration

Your ERP solution from ORDAT includes numerous functions for flexibly and comfortably managing bills of materials, such as:

  • Administration of multi-level bills of materials
  • Importing and comparing bills of materials
  • CAD bill of materials list import via Excel
  • Support for alternative bills of materials

Joint production and recovery

ERP solutions from ORDAT support simultaneous manufacturing for multiple parts, each with their own production order (joint production) – with both fixed yield ratios and ratios varying within set limits. Joint products can be managed in a flexible manner. When alternative components are used, the new yield percentages are calculated easily based on saved formulas. in addition, joint products are taken into account in the percentage of reclaimed materials in calculation and materials planning.

  • Joint production with multipurpose tools
  • Fixed and variable yield ratios
  • Recovery percentages taken into account in calculations and materials planning

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