ORDAT.ERP purchase
ORDAT.ERP purchase

Procurement and supplier management

Strategic purchasing to guarantee your success

Tap into new potential for your company with the right purchasing management. This involves looking at individual areas as a continuous data flow from enquiry through to auditing. This effectively prevents any delays and inaccuracies such as work overload or over-staffing in the individual fields of activity.

ORDAT views all aspects of purchasing as a unit and as strategic components of the company because a one percent saving in purchasing can increase the corporate profile by up to ten percent. A one percent growth in sales however, only results in 0.1 percent increased profit.

Optimum overview: Accurate portrayal of all standard processes

ORDAT.ERP purchase, on the other hand, views the purchasing functions as one unit and thus avoids weak points. All work steps which occur in operational practice – creation and administration of master data, transaction processing, information and statistics – are handled in an integrated manner. This allows the standard processes of an order transaction from order entry to goods receipt and invoice verification to be processed effectively and displayed exactly. The modular structure allows the internal organisation to be flexibly adapted. The dialogue work allows for quick processing and immediate information.


The benefits at a glance

Avoiding input errors

Through the integration of scanners and conveyor technology, you receive a completely automated incoming goods management. The goods are booked into the system by means of a simple scanning process, which saves both time and costs. Even the potential errors caused by manual inputs are avoided.


No production bottlenecks

Our automatic order generation from demands prevents production bottlenecks.
This not only increases you failure safety but also saves you time.


Large amounts of data - minimal effort

The incoming goods booking and the processing of necessary documents are carried out in digital form in the requested formats. A time-consuming processing on paper is not applicable. This also results in a shortening of, e.g., your response times with regard to a customer’s changing demands.


Price transparency

Transparent structure of price and supplier quality from one central source.
In doing so, you receive an improvement of supplier management.


Automated provision-workflow

All production steps involved in the process are displayed in one work process. Thus, you can always obtain a complete overview of the goods status, work processes and stocks.


Approval processes with one click

The approval process for orders can now be completed online with a single mouse click. You save a lot of work and waiting times.


Overview of functions

  • Request and order processing
  • Automatic ABC supplier classification
  • Contracts and delivery schedule with upstream suppliers
  • Goods receipt
  • Delivery note notification
  • Integration of scanner and conveyor technology
  • Automated goods receipt posting
  • Supplier warehouse management
  • Consignment receipt
  • In dialogue or automatic invoice verification
  • Order monitoring/commodity index checking
  • Automatic order generation based on requirements
  • Administer prices, conditions
  • Metal quotations and surcharges
  • Plausibility and availability check
  • Tool amortisation
  • Complaint and objection processing
  • Internal purchase requisition
  • Direct order from production/operation order
  • Efficient mass maintenance, also for supplier-related production processes
  • Vendor-related consideration of the retention period of deliveries in the goods receipt area

Contracts/schedule lines:

  • Manage either by quantity or value
  • Cumulative quantities
  • Goods receipt posting via delivery receipt-remote data transmission
  • Workflow-based administration of certificates and references from suppliers
  • Supplier quotation
  • Processing of scanned incoming invoices

Consignment stock:

  • Consignment order
  • Automatic generation of supply mandates

Supplier evaluation:

  • Automatic supplier evaluation based on various characteristics
  • Optionally according to grades or point system
  • Automatic evaluation of individual operations e.g. adherence to delivery dates

Third-party operations:

  • Continuous process for the "extended workbench”
  • Fully integrated control from work plans possible
  • Complete mapping of the material flow including the components provided
  • Separate invoice verification for materials and services possible
  • Automatic inventory valuation at time of inventory (WIP)

Preference processing

  • Entry of preference documents at goods receipt
  • Checking the purchased parts with regard to preferential eligibility
  • Creation of custom preference certificates
  • Access to preference data for reports and documents (e.g. for creating shipping documents)

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