The ORDAT.ERP solution portfolio

Fully integrated ERP system for all business processes


Industry-wide and modular

The ERP standard software for medium-sized businesses

ORDAT’s own ORDAT.ERP system is an industry-wide and fully integrated standard software with wide-ranging functionality. Based on a proven, highly flexible system architecture and current technologies, ORDAT.ERP has sophisticated business features that are precisely tailored to the requirements of medium-sized production companies. ORDAT.ERP is a culmination of 45 years of successful ERP development.

Broad range of features

ORDAT.ERP manages all business processes with all aspects of financing and invoicing. The tried-and-tested ERP solutions offers multiple functions for supply chain management and professional e-business as well as convenient document management and numerous industry-specific features.

Quickly implemented and always up-to-date

ORDAT.ERP is ready to use right away thanks to its flexible architecture and our structured implementation method based on best practice. Powerful customising tools help you tailor the system to your precise requirements and automate your business processes as needed. The unparalleled release change concept guarantees up-to-date and contemporary ERP software for ORDAT.ERP users at all times without any additional effort.

The benefits of ORDAT.ERP

Worry-free release concept

Two new releases are issued each year. All updates, including customer-specific amendments, are developed to comply with standards. ORDAT makes them available to all users free of charge with the next release. In comparison to other systems, ORDAT.ERP users automatically benefit from new modules, functions, features and technologies and always work with a contemporary ERP solution.

Unlike a complete release change to the latest software version, users also have the opportunity to update individual functions through release-compliant rollups. This means that fiscal requirements for example can be covered quickly. No matter which version you choose, you’ll benefit from a modern and secure system, a high degree of utilisation, lower IT costs and excellent user satisfaction.

High flexibility

ORDAT.ERP is a standard software that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your current or future business environment with minimal effort. Instead of a rigid, complete solution you’ll have an upgradeable ERP system that can be configured as needed and perfectly tailored to your requirements. This ensures your long-term competitive position.


Various industry versions are available for the ORDAT.ERP standard ERP solution, such as versions for the automotive, process, metals, plastics processing, electrical, and electronics industries, or for discrete manufacturing. This allows ORDAT.ERP users to utilize comprehensive industry functions even in the standard version and without complex adjustments, optimizing their business processes in a targeted manner.


ORDAT.ERP works independent of any specific hardware, operating system, or database. The system works on both UNIX operating systems and Windows servers.

No third party licenses

All core ORDAT.ERP technologies are own developments by ORDAT and therefore do not require third-party licences. For you, this means no additional costs and everything from a single source.

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