ORDAT.ERP sales & distribution
ORDAT.ERP sales & distribution

Integrated data flow from quote to returns management

With ORDAT.ERP sales & distribution

Planned well - sold successfully

The sale is a complex process with several subareas. If these areas are treated independently from one another, it could result in delivery delays, quality defects, damage to reputation and unsatisfied customers.

Our solution handles all processes of a sales process as a consistent data flow. Thus, standard processes – from the offer to invoice processing and returns management – can be processed effectively and accurately represented. Furthermore, precise adjustments to the individual requirements of your company are possible.

Availability of all departmental data

Data elements which are also required for other company areas such as purchasing processing or financial accounting – in particular customer addresses, payment terms, currencies and languages – are integrated into the overall ORDAT.ERP system in such a way that other subsystems can also access the same data. This also applies to basic data which is supplemented in ORDAT.ERP sales & distribution with the relevant files such as sales records master or customer master.

Subsystems for additional support

There are a wide range of easy to operate submodules available for the transaction-oriented support of all sub-functions of a sales department:
from quotation processing to order confirmation management, management of framework agreements and call-off orders to packing and delivery note processing and invoicing. Variable commission accounting, returns management, a convenient statistics generator and a sales planning system complete the range of functions.


The benefits at a glance

Correct quantity, right time

You can always deliver the correct quantities at the right time with a comfortable blanket order processing and the possibility of calculating goods in temporary storage on the go.

Fully integrated planning

The integrated sales and production planning offers a significant data base as well as a seamless workflow within the overall supply chain. This significantly minimises your planning effort.

Avoid delivery fluctuations

Graphic analyses make it possible for you to assess delivery schedules over freely selectable periods of time and in doing so, you will be able to recognise delivery bottlenecks in good time and initiate measures on time.

Complaint and returns management

Error and verification codes can be stored in the system and for this reason, automatic credit notes and stock entries are generated.

Managing complex association structures

The integrated representation of complex association structures can guarantee an effective, efficient business process management – including a comprehensive design of the individual locations.

Delivery supervision

A freely definable range of banned goods prevents the order entry of blocked items. Per optional connection to a sanction-list monitor, e.g., it is also possible to prevent the export of prohibited goods to specific countries.

ORDAT.ERP sales & distribution function overview

  • Framework order processing (incl. EDI control)
  • Dynamic integration of external systems such as CRM
  • Connection of web shops via standardised interfaces for optimal mapping of B2B or B2C business
  • Sales planning and production planning by sales unit and channel
  • Shipping processing
  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Integrated route planning
  • Shipment planning and monitoring
  • Complaints and returns processing
  • Statistic generator and much more


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