Project billing
Project billing

Efficient project management and budgeting

Successfully plan, implement and manage projects

In order to successfully manage a project, it is no longer enough to cast a timeline on the wall and measure the success of the project using milestones. Our project management solution supports your project managers during planning, execution and control of short-term and long-term, internal and external projects.

Automatic link with financial accounting

All incurred costs (hours, materials, expenditures) and sales are directly coupled with financial accounting and always provides a transparent overview of the current project status.


The benefits at a glance

Successful project management
Planning, creation, management, control and completion of projects for different types of projects: Expense projects, fixed price projects, internal projects, time-based projects etc.

Always the latest overview
Numerous meaningful reports and analysis tools always give you an up-to-date overview of the project from different perspectives. In doing so, during on-going and planned projects, you will be able to recognise bottlenecks even before they occur.

Safe project budgeting
With our solution, you can safely monitor the project income and your expenses in order to make the best, cost-oriented business decisions. Compare your actual costs with planned costs and re-allocate your funds and resources to achieve your budget targets.

Precise project time recording and settlement
You can record your project times and project costs quickly and precisely and arrange them accurately. Via the enterprise portal, all project employees have the possibility of entering the working hours and travel expense reports and have them approved.

More productivity
New projects can be created and set-up quickly and easily by using templates from previous projects. All necessary data for this purpose, is obtained from the central database.



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