Electronic industry
Electronic industry

ERP solutions for the electronics industry

For the specialized requirements of the electronics industry

With the right ERP system, electronics manufacturers and EMS service providers can purposefully optimize their supply chains and ensure a high level of supplier reliability – despite ever shorter delivery deadlines, longer procurement times, planning insecurity caused by shorter product life cycles, and a high level of diversity among variations with frequent changes.

ORDAT understands the challenges of the electronics industry in detail, having completed numerous successful projects in the sector. Our ERP solutions for the electronics industry are tailored to the industry-specific requirements of manufacturers and dealers of electrotechnical devices and components, as well as those of EMS service providers. There is a good reason our ERP system FOSS was named “ERP system of the year 2013“ in the “Electronics manufacturing” category.

ORDAT’s ERP solutions offer electronics companies:

  • flexible variant manufacturing
  • efficient materials management
  • seamless traceability
  • reliable supply chain management
  • reliable adherence to statutory requirements

With ERP solutions from ORDAT, electronics manufacturers can effectively control all of the variables along their supply and manufacturing chains, communicate more efficiently with suppliers and customers, implement global sourcing strategies, and use their production and supply capacities in the most optimal manner possible. Consistent integration of production, purchasing, sales, warehouse, materials planning, shipping, complaint management, and bookkeeping ensures transparency, up-to-date data, and a low level of required maintenance for the system.

Manage purchasing and capacities efficiently

Modern functions for supply chain and product life cycle management such as EDI, just-in-time controlling, batch tracking, variant manufacturing, or index and version administration, give you complete control of your processes. Powerful planning tools provide security, for instance allowing for detailed production planning that takes into consideration machines, work stations, and materials situations, or the determination of delivery deadlines based on short-term and long-term planning. Last but not least, you will benefit from sophisticated material flow controlling which supports containers and the seamless integration of shuttle and paternoster warehouse systems, without complex interface solutions.

What our clients say!

“The primary reason we selected the ORDAT system was the wide range of services it offers. Even the standard version covers our high logistical requirements. This saves us from having to make time-consuming adjustments.”

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Specialized ERP functions for the electronics industry

Supply chain management

Shorter delivery deadlines, longer procurement times, complex sourcing strategies – companies in the electronics industry need powerful supply chain management. Your ERP solution from ORDAT offers:

  • EDI communication based on materials planning and order processing
  • Warehouse release orders and just-in-time deliveries
  • Just in time controlling
  • Generation of automatic delivery slips and remote transmission according to the EDL description in VDA recommendations
  • Integrated invoice creation and remote transmission
  • Implementation of vehicle-based container combinations and shipment planning
  • Internal factory supply logistics with/without KANBAN

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EDI communication

The transaction-controlled EDI monitor OR-EDI equips ERP systems with a powerful communication platform for automated data exchange.

  • Communications standards: VDA, ODETTE, EANCOM, EDIFACT ANSI X.12
  • Send and receive structured e-mails
  • Freely configurable XML communication and WebEDI support
  • Specialized processing, such as AMK/MGO for GM and. Opel and AMES-T by Volkswagen
  • Specialized JIT protocols like FIS-JIT, Montis, Pluma-JIT, PLUQUO, FIAG

Just-in-time deliveries / Warehouse releases

ORDAT ERP solutions offer all the functions you need to receive and process warehouse releases, just-in-time deliveries, and production synchronized orders. This allows suppliers to be seamlessly integrated into your logistical network.

  • Warehouse Release Orders (WRO) and Just-In-Time deliveries (JIT)
  • Production Synchronized Orders (PSO) with customers and suppliers to fully reflect the supply chain
  • Automatic integration of EDI warehouse release orders, with dialog box for editing if needed, while retaining original release data
  • Order “guiding”
  • Order history and analysis

Dispo cockpit

The ORDAT Dispo cockpit shows you all the data relevant for your materials planning at a glance: Requirements, inventory, procurement times, etc. For instance, the system can check minimum inventory levels, review replenishment times based on completed orders, or automatically determine suitable suggestions for your materials planning.

  • All data at a glance: all data relevant to materials planning in a single module
  • Additional selection by dispatcher, subject group, and procurement key
  • Edit directly from the list box: All relevant adaptations, changes, and information appear immediately in the list box
  • Detailed view at the push of a button in the “floating list box”
  • Matrix for individual suggestions
  • Suggestions for adjusting data relevant to materials planning

Just in time controlling

Just in time manufacturing places high demands on process organization and quality assurance. Users of the ORDAT just-in-time module will benefit from ORDAT’s comprehensive industry understanding in the electronics and automotive industry, as well as our many years of experience in all aspects of just-in-time production.

  • EDI integration in the entire process chain
  • Specialized quality assurance measures
  • Capacity comparisons and order optimizations, taking sequencing requirements into consideration
  • Different forms for invoices in billing and credit note processes
  • Shipment processing, including shipping administration and sequencing, even with multiple unloading points

Bill of materials administration

Your ERP solution from ORDAT includes numerous functions for flexibly and comfortably managing bills of materials, such as:

  • Administration of multi-level bills of materials
  • Importing and comparing bills of materials
  • CAD bill of materials list import via Excel
  • Support for alternative bills of materials

Variant manufacturing

Supplier capabilities must be ensured under all circumstances, even in the face of an increasing diversity of variants. Variant controlling from ORDAT offers a powerful set of instruments for administering a product and all of its features and forms in a single recipe / bill of materials. This allows users to significantly reduce the number of recipes and bills of materials they need, as well as the numbers of process and work schedules.

  • Well thought-out variant administration
  • Variant capabilities for both bills of materials and work schedules
  • Almost unlimited number of forms can be defined
  • Consideration of formulas 
  • All desired calculations of quantities used and work scheduling times, depending on variants

Change index

Always maintain an overview of further developments, revisions, and variations of your items and primary products:

  • Transparency regarding the variations required for purchasing, production, and shipping
  • Change history


Consistent series and batch-based inventory management allows you to efficiently manage your deliveries to manufacturers and system suppliers – and thanks to seamless tracing for series and batches, you can successfully defend against unwarranted liability claims.

  • Article-based series / batch structure
  • Where-used list (product liability)
  • Delivery batches designated on external shipping documents
  • Seamless traceability for semi-finished products and raw materials requiring batch handling, all the way to the suppliers
  • Reliable tracing for batches associated with complaints through warehouse locations and production levels to the customer

Scanner integration

ORDAT solutions work with scanners from any major manufacturer This allows you to make bookings more quickly and free from errors, for instance in goods receiving, warehouses, or shipping.

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