Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – professional customer management

The CRM system for long-term customer relationships

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the CRM software for all companies that want to establish structured, professional customer management and have access to their data everywhere and at all times.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the solution for optimized customer relationship management (CRM), you will improve customer contacts and customer loyalty in marketing, sales, and service, creating long-term customer relationships with potential. Generate personalized, proactive, networked customer experiences, and increase efficiency and transparency in your customer management!

Reduce costs and increase profitability through structured and automated business processes!

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface encompasses all the tools for your daily business within your CRM application, without you having to switch between different systems. Powerful modules for sales, marketing, and service provide a uniform view of customer data, increasing your chances of a successful sale. From a request for information, to the sale, to customer service, you can flexibly structure and automate work processes, then evaluate them comprehensively and control them more effectively.

Your advantages with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Simple navigation and intuitive operation

A clear user interface with the trusted Windows tile design and simple, device-optimized operation using keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen to facilitate intuitive work. The practical operating concept includes a horizontal navigation bar, ensuring users can find any desired CRM function quickly.

Overview of advantages:

  • Simple navigation
  • Quickly, easily capture data
  • Device-dependent layout

Seamless integration into Microsoft product landscape

Thanks to the seamless integration into Microsoft product landscapes, your employees will feel right at home in their CRM system from the start:

  • Outlook

E-mails, appointments, contacts, and customer information is administered centrally in the trusted Microsoft Outlook working environment. This ensures your employees enjoy using the CRM software, and that they are able to operate it efficiently, right from the start.

  • Microsoft Excel

Edit real time data easily and quickly with Microsoft Excel – incl. graphic evaluations with Power View and publishing your results with SharePoint.

  • Microsoft Word

You can generate offers, contracts, and other sales documents quickly and easily with Microsoft Word – using integrated document management, form letter functions, and customized Word templates.

  • SharePoint

Seamless SharePoint integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to save and manage documents in SharePoint directly within the framework of the CRM data set. This allows you, for instance, to display the version history of a document or change document properties.

Managed and visualized processes

The nine guided processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM show you at a glance which phase of the process flow you are currently in, and which task is coming up for processing next. This ensures all team members enjoy uniform processes.

Overview of advantages:

  • Display as road map
  • Location in process flow
  • The next tasks
  • Simple process selection and configuration

CRM on the go

Mobile access to your CRM solution, for instance from a tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) ensures you have all of the customer information you need to work productively at any time, including on the go.

Full use of Dynamics CRM on mobile devices is included free in every license.

Overview of advantages:

  • Always maintain an overview of all relevant information, no matter when or where
  • Display of: Sales opportunities, leads, offers, customers, contacts
  • Manage tasks and activities on the go

ERP integration

Thanks to seamless ERP integration, all relevant information from the ERP system is available directly in your CRM solution, without having to access external systems. There is no need to enter data twice, and you can be sure you’re always working with the correct numbers – up-to-date and in real time.

Integration and synchronization of marketing specific ERP data:

  • Key performance indicators 

Information on revenue figures and orders received for a customer, as well as open items for a debtor, incl. age and the dunning level for the claim.

  • Customer master data

Synchronization of customer and debtor master data between the ERP system and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If an interested party becomes a customer in the CRM system, the new customer is created automatically, as is a debtor master data in the ERP system.

  • Offers, orders, invoices

Automatic offer transfer, order confirmations, invoices, credit notes and debit notes from the ERP system as data set and PDF file. This ensures the user has the same information as the customer.

Flexible adaptability

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is extremely flexible, and can be adapted specifically to the unique requirements and processes in your company. Configure complete areas of application, selected processes, or the user interfaces for individual employees however you desire.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – components

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